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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by aaron1998ish, Mar 29, 2015.

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    Hey im having trouble with the onJoin teleport feature im messing with:

    Basically what im trying to do at the moment is if someone first joins a new map is created, then they're sent to that map created on their next login..

    The code works, files are generated and players are teleported on next login, but the teleport is not following the config coordinates?

    Its probably going to be an easy fix but i just cant see where ive gone wrong :/

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    You're setting the co-ordinates to a string in the config file ("set(event.getPlayer().getName() + ".spawnPointX", "1");") meaning that when you do getDouble(String) you're receiving the default values for a double (0).
    Remove the quotation marks from the lines of code that set the "spawnPoint" variables in the config.
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    Case sensitive... "spawnPointX" is not equals to "spawnPointx".
    And dont set them to a string...
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    Thanks guys, its all working now, and the caps issue was fixed a few seconds after posting, but the main issue was the string
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