Plugin Help - Chat formatting with Factions, PEX and 'X' Chat Manager

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kodauer, Nov 15, 2013.

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    First of all, this is probably in the wrong forum section, I couldn't find anything else that really fit what I wanted to ask. I guess, in a sense, I am "requesting" a plugin(s) for my server.

    Anyways, I am reduced to creating a topic for myself after many hours of furitless google researching.

    On a server I manage, we run the latest version of factions and permissionsEX. PEX handles permissions perfectly; it does not, however, handle prefixes at all. I've tried probably every chat manager plugin and they all do pretty much the same thing - remove the faction tag or the correct truce/neutral/enemy coloring or simply don't display anything at all.

    I'm not at all used to the new mcore idea with factions. I'm still used to the old all-in-one config file. Bear with me if I'm not clear in anything related to this.

    Anyways, what I need is for Chat to appear like this:

    <[Faction_Rank][[Faction_Name]][[Prefix]][Username]: Chat

    an example: <**[TestFaction][ExamplePrefix]: Hello, my name is Notch.

    I'd like for the proper truce/enemy/neutral color stances to stay as well. I have the prefixes set up for groups in PEX, it's the chat manager that I probably need.

    I've heard Hero-Chat is a good option, but when I tried it, it didn't display the tags I added to the "default" option.

    Essentials is an overall bad idea for the server environment, in this case, sorry.

    This is really frustrating.
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    Bump. I got Herochat and Essentials chat to display everything except the [factions_relcolor] tag - the ally/truce/enemy coloring of chat. Anyone have a plugin which supports this? Perhaps someone could be kind enough to code it... I've searched hours for a solution to no avail.

    Last Bump - I solved the issue myself!

    If you just want a simple prefix/suffix added to player's names, just use Essentials - NOT essentials chat. In the core essentials config, there's an option to allow essentials to force a prefix onto the player via the perms plugin (PEX in my case). This successfully kept all the correct faction tags/relationships and portrayed the prefix.

    If you don't like essentials, you can pretty much disable all the portions you won't need to use, as I did. It's pretty handy otherwise.
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