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Should we?

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    I dont get why BukkitDev was even accepted besides selling out to Curse, that is Bukkit forums admins, mods and staff are not forcing any one to migrate.

    This dose only one thing causes more dis-consolidation within Minecraft's already frankly worthless attempts at a mod community.

    Should we not just pick one?
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    BukkitDev all the way. Finding plugins have been made easier, a manageable system is in place and we have someone to host it with. You know we are still in the process of transitioning, right?
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    Transitioning should have taken a few weeks at most, lock all old plugin forums, archive the temporary list that was never really temporary and force plugin developers to use the new system.

    If they dont wish to update thats up to them, for those who dont why not just go back to hMod or CanaryMod, or just plan vanilla minecraft??
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    The transition has not been completed yet because there are features missing from BukkitDev we feel are needed before we do so. When those features are added the full transition will be made.
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    What features are lacking? Why have they not been added? and why even attempt to use a service so early on with out these said features? NuclearW is the only bukkit admin in town now days?
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    One feature off the top of my head is notifications. And we've asked Curse to add them in and presumably they are doing so.

    I wasn't on staff at the time when the decision was made, but from a developer's standpoint even lacking notifications BukkitDev is preferable for me to a forum thread.
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    I'm still confused as to why they decided to go with Curse in the first place.

    This is a community filled with all kinds of smart developers, surely we could have created a website like BukkitDev on our own without their help? All the decision seems to be doing now is limiting a lot of the stuff we actually want from BukkitDev but can't get due to Curse.
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    Great point, why put a major part of bukkit in the hands of a company like Curse further more seeing they have not worked 110% ensuring BukkitDev was up to the task?
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    I much prefer the forums.

    On the forums you get a list sorted by last comment which means the most actively discussed plugins appear at the top whereas on BukkitDev the closest you can get is sorted by last update - there's no way of finding the most popular plugins (eg. voting or sorted by "last commented"). I more often find plugins I want at the top of the forums than at the top of the BukkitDev list.

    Also, BukkitDev likes to notify me of comments which is cool - including my own comments, which is not cool. I also get alerted to my own changes to tickets and the private message alert in the top right counts my own replies to PM's and often won't go away even after I've read all the messages.
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    They are are still adding features as we speak.
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    I'm sure they are - but those issues have existed for months now whereas XenForo is already quite nicely polished :) Anyway, that's just my preference :)
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    I just love how the issues that were 5 months ago, are the same issues still around. 5 months!!!!
    Wow, one must ponder whether BukkitDev on curse was a good idea?
    "Features are still being added", "still transitioning", my ass.

    Sorry again NuclearW, Didn't notice it was you. I'm not trying to harass you, but apparently I've recently bashed on BukkitDev in some of the threads you defend BukkitDev in.
    I'm not bashing you.
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    Mod edit (NuclearW): Removed response to removed spam

    Back to BukkitDev, all Curse is looking for is to be holding the most Minecraft mods and content they dont give a rat's ass or 2 cents about any of the community here. Now that's not bad if they were providing us with every thing we requested, within reason of need for plugin and Bukkit development.
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    Oh, forgot to mention that Curse pollutes the search engines too. Since putting my plugin up at BukkitDev the fourth Google result for "otherdrops" is "Pastes - OtherDrops Error - Terraria AddOns - CurseForge" and then "Pastes - OtherDrops Issue :s - StarCraft 2 Maps - SC2Mapster" (also a Curse site). Further on there are similar entries with WoW, Runescape, Skyrim...

    Not the end of the world, but why should my Minecraft plugin appear in conjunction with those other games?
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    Well like I said I wasn't on staff at the time, but I can see the appeal of using a system such as Curse which at the time was pretty much all done and ready to go, versus fill which was vaporware. The question to ask is would people still be complaining about the lack of fill if we had not gone Curse? And the answer is yes, so I understand why it happened. N0t that I personally agree on it, but I'm dedicated to at least making it the best I can given my position.
    Basically what I said above, I see the realization, and people would have complained either way... So it's a tough decision.
    I don't take it personally, you're welcome to criticize just don't do so without basis!

    I should note that emerica isn't staff, but his point should technically be correct, more features as far as I am aware are being worked on. And I personally know that the transition is still planned, although put on hold because of the features we are waiting for.
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    I hope this transition will come about sooner rather then later. Remember Curse wants you (bukkit) not the other way around, bukkit will live without their hand in our pockets but if we are going to let them feel us up might as well make it worth our time right?
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    BukkitDev's advantages to developers are enormous. It offers a much more useful environment for maintaining projects and has all sorts of interesting features for developers.

    For users looking to download plugins, they get the advantage of being able to trust what they're downloading much more than a link on some thread. Also, some projects have their own forum for users to discuss the plugin.

    Clearly, BukkitDev has been picked already.
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    I have supported it from day one, that is when I thought the old forums would be replaced. Still having a two system management is pointless..
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    I agree: with a few more features - primarily forum notifications & voting (plugin popularity) - I'm mostly happy with BukkitDev (I'd still prefer it not notify my of my own posts/comments).

    I only found out about the lack of forum notifications in this thread. I assumed that since I was getting notifications of comments on the first page that I would get forum notifications too - to my surprise there are many posts in the BukkitDev forums on the last couple of months that I've never before looked at (I just thought no-one was using it).
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    What, are we still managing the forum plugin submissions? I can't tell because I ignore it. :rolleyes:
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    That's the problem - nobody on the staff team ever stepped up and said "let's make this happen!", nobody seemed to have any idea where to start. Like I said, this community is full of smart developers, and I think that we could have made it actually happen if Bukkit had actually reached out asking for help. But instead, it seems like we've become very detached from the team and their decisions, and one day it was suddenly "here's BukkitDev, you better like it!".

    Not that I have anything against Curse, I just think it would have been a better idea for the Bukkit team to ask for developers in the community who could help make the fill into a real idea. Instead, they saw Curse and their system, and opted for it since it meant no real work.

    Personally I like the idea behind BukkitDev, just think the design/layout is horrible. If that could be changed along with a few other tweaks it would be great. The core of it is already great - just presented to us horribly and in an un-friendly and hard to use manner.
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    Yeah, I know. I'm just trying to do the best I can with it at the moment, and it isn't as if another system is entirely off the table. It just needs a lot of work to get to such a system.

    Well not to sound too "standard staff response", but if you have suggestions make tickets for them on the bug tracker, and we can pass them on to Curse if they're good.
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    Doen't help much. ;) Stuff have been floating around on their ticket system for months, and still nothing ;)
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    I much prefer the forums personally, although as it looks like there is no hope for the Forums, ill atleast make some suggestions, maybe a download count so developers can see how many downloads their plugins have had and perhaps Media embedding along with Spoilers and other BB tags. Personally i find it much easier just to have one post with everything in it, e.g download, change log, instructions etc. I find it tedious when developers use BukkitDev as i have to search through the different tabs looking for what im trying to find out :/

    Im not saying its a bad system, i just feel that the Forums is a much better system and it seems to have worked great so far, i know where to find plugins and whatnot really easily. It makes it really easy for the user.

    The thing about Bukkit dev is that it makes it better for the developer and perhaps close followers of that particular plugin however it makes the experience more awkward for the end user who is hosting a server and at the end of the day, it is the user who is more important because there is no point making a plugin if no one is going to download it. At the same time, many plugin users are not programmers and therefore want an easy installation for server plugins, they dont want to bother faffing around trying to find out different bits of info in different places.

    This is just my opinion and its also powered by the fact that i released a plugin 3 days ago, it has already had 600 downloads and considering im quite a "new/amateur" bukkit programmer, i feel that was really great. On the other hand, it looks like no one has laid a finger on the Bukkit dev page. :/

    Please do not take this the wrong way, im only voicing my opinion on this matter.
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    I think that we can still use the forums.

    BukkitDev can be used for consuming, finding, and downloading plugins, but then we could use the forums to discuss certain plugins.
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