Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tarikb, Jan 21, 2013.

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    IS There A Plugin That Allows Me To Use The Console As It Is Hosted And Install Plugins In The Console?
    So I could Turn it on and Off or reload or even the chat?


    And Anyone Will Host My bukkit server (Free)
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    get a non suckish host?
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    Dammit man you made my eyes bleed. Good luck finding someone to host for free. Get a good host.
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    tarikb so technically by console you mean Multicraft or something? Cause you cant just "install a plugin" via "console".

    If so you mean webinterface and as i dont want to advertise mcmyadmin (as it does not offer you a viable free edition) or multicraft (pay-only) ... there is none i know that offers you basic stuff like upload/download, multiuser, console view/usage for free.

    There are versions available on dev.bukkit or forums plugin submissions but those are focused on managing other plugins instead of managing a server thus i doubt that those guys will offer a secure webinterface.
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    Thank You For Your Help xD And I Already Have A Host? But He Is Mean And Angry At Me? =[
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    Please stop with the capitals for each word it is hurting my eyes :(
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    What is this thread even about? Am I ordering Chinese food or something?
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    Locked. This thread is getting derailed and trolled.

    tarikb - you are looking for a server management console. Many such consoles exist. Search the Bukkit tools section, or better - pay for hosting with a reputable provider and see what server management consoles they provide.
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