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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by Awesomejosh12345, Jan 31, 2016.

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  1. Hello people!
    Today I am wondering if anyone can make a plugin combined tool. So let's say we have all that junk in our plugins folder. Open this tool, choose all the plug-ins, and BOOM! We have all of those plugins in 1. Inside, there will be a folder named config. Inside is all the config files named like config 1. Config 2. All in order. Each 1 will be a config that can be renamed, for each plugin. This would be awesome because I'm starting a server that I want like 50 plugins on so far. Thanks. Hope this becomes a thing.
    Date I prefer it done by or sooner: February 7 2016

    Thanks. Awesomejosh.
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    I'm pretty sure this is not possible unless you manually modify and merge all the plugins together manually (by changing their code, and other stuff) which is a bad idea.

    What's the problem with having the plugins individually?
  3. My plugins create afew files, In total it would be about 100 files. It is just hard to find the files. If you had config rename, you can simply open it and find config in seconds.
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    That "junk" are the plugin jars and the plugin config directories. Devs have to really try to make the configs annoying to look for. All of the config files for a plugin should be in the /plugins/PluginNameHere directory.
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