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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by EvilSeph, Mar 15, 2011.

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    If a plugin doesn't meet our Plugin Submissions/Releases Guidelines, then they've been marked inactive and moved to our new Inactive/Unsupported forum.

    Please note: as per the guidelines, plugins need to AT LEAST support the last 3 Recommended Builds (UNLESS there are breakages that occur between RBs) or they do not meet our guidelines. As such, any plugin that didn't support at least 493 has been marked inactive.

    If we've marked and moved your plugin in error, please "fix" your release and report the post and it will be handled accordingly.
  2. Report? At which person?

    By the way, I fixed my plugin, a Post at the thread without a instand move whould also really nice, this are work for nothing...
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    Is there a list of recommended builds so we can keep track of them and do testing on each recommended build then do backwards compatibility checks on the previous builds?
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    /me already posted his reports in irc.
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    We have to handle 500-600 plugins. There is no way I am going into every single release, figuring out if they work and posting if not. This cleanup was long overdue.

    @Nijikokun Report the posts.

    @Valrix There is now an RSS feed you can subscribe to:
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    Added the RSS to my google reader :)
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  9. Serious... This would take too much time for me. If people just use the recommend build, and all plugin developers make it work for the recommend build. There is no problem.
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    I don't really see the problem with having [440+] in the title. It's been working ever since then and I have barely changed anything in the code. Anyway, I'm not gonna be cocky, just leaving this here.
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    Per definition you couldn't ensure that any build after 440 you could support. I only post each RB I tested my plugin with and let the admin decide if he want to try it on other builds. Normally this should work. And if not I will try to fix this. I think for a plugin developer it is saver to only say it work on defined builds than on a range of builds.

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    Thanks, EvilSeph- I prolly should've known about this sooner, but, ah, I didn't. Love that Jenkins..
    Also, @EvilSeph- is/was this an automatic process? I put a range in my title, e.g. "[478-527]", will that break things?

    Seems like my plugins were spared the ax, so I'm assuming it's alright... but if I need to change that to be fully compliant, please let me know.

    EDIT: Ah, Wandmin got the axe- but it was the only one that didn't have a range. Just forgot to update that one- did it now.

    EDIT2: Updated:
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    Could change it to [440-531+], to be more specific about known good versions. :3
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    I agree- this is what I do (provide a range), and IMO that should be standard.

    I know when the last time bukkit changed in a way that broke my plugins was- and I know the last RB I've tested with. That's my range- it's simple, and it works.
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    Mind you, things can get a bit more complicated if something is broken and then fixed again.
    I'm not sure when the chunk ghosting bug started, but it seems it was fixed in build 552.

    Btw, I'm looking forward to seeing a recommended build in the 552+ range~ :3
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    Very true- I guess in that case I'd bump up the lower end to the high end of the fix, and be sad about it. It gets too complex to try to advertise what "gaps" you don't support, though :)

    Anyway, the "last 3 RB's" is a pretty good system, really. It makes sure that all active plugins can work together on at least one recent RB, without plugin devs having to keep super on top of updating their plugins.

    I'm concerned about the necessity of having to constantly update the thread topics, though- I'm already pruning the number of plugin threads I manage, and now I'm certainly going to make it as small as possible. Hopefully Fill will simplify this bookkeeping type gruntwork, when it's here.

    For instance, I would be frustrated to have a perfectly functional plugin marked inactive over and over again because there's no need for me to update it (I'm looking at Wandmin, here) but I really don't want to have to keep updating the thread title.

    I suppose it'll keep me honest, because I really don't test Wandmin that often, either- there's always a silver lining. :D

    Random question - I've pinged Raphfrk on this, but anyone know if getBlock is fixed in the latest RB? Or at all? :) Really, whether or not that's an RB, that's the B I'll be R'ing for my plugins, if that fix is in...
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    They fixed (hopefully?) the chunk ghosting in b552, though it's not an RB and there's no RB past that point. It is however the build I recommend for Stargate as it seems to have stopped gates from randomly destroying themselves.
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    I've had a report it was better in 552, and I've not been able to reproduce the error in it yet. Also other's comments on the bug tracker;

    As of right now, there is no RB in the 552+ range. :3

    What he said, too~ o3o

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    The RB system is only necessary until we have an official release and development is no longer rapid.
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    Is there any way we could get the latest build marked as RB? I don't think I've seen too much in the way of major API changes that'll break anything, other than onLoad() which is now optional, and removal of deprecated methods which people shouldn't be using anyways. The fix in 552 however is majorly important to a LOT of plugins (Even Tombstone ran into issues with the chunk ghosting glitch)
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    Thanks you two! Going to go put latest on my public server now... (still using Raph's jar there ATM)

    Agreed! I'm assuming/hoping there'll be one soon- but for me, once I've tested this enough to be satisfied, I'll be telling everyone to use 556 for my plugins, recommended or not.

    If this "chunk ghosting" thing is the same getBlock issue that Raph worked around, then I definitely need it. It breaks NetherGate, it breaks Spells, and they've been broken since the 1.3 update- need this fixed, badly.

    update: I have not been able to reproduce this issue with the old "portal and pillar", that used to do the trick pretty quickly. So, seems good... hooray for that!

    Still lose my skin though... :)

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    I'm pretty sure by "report" he means click the little "Report" link in the plugin post that brings it to the admins attention, not post it in here.
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    Thanks. :D

    update: Hope you're right. That help more like I was trying to report abuse or something....
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    Yeah, but it's a sure-fire way to bring a topic to an admins attention, and that's the only "Report" I know of on these boards ;)
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    Heh- fair enough :) Seems to have done the trick for me - Wandmin is no longer inactive.
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    oops. I didn't know what was meant by report either... :\
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