Solved Plugin called Killrankup permissions issue?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by asakura989, Apr 15, 2017.

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    I have the bukkit plugin killrankup found here:

    I have loaded it to my server and set up the config to my liking. When players log into the server it adds their name as it should however it refuses to track the number of kills the player has recieved. I have tested killing 30 mobs as an op and as a regular player however the plugin remains at 0 kills. Is there a permission for permissions ex i need to add or perhaps another plugin I am missing to make this work?

    Pastebin to my killrankup config:

    Pastebin to my permissions.ex
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    You are missing this whole section of the config file:

    entities:    # What entity should be counted as a kill?
      players: true
      zombies: false
      skeletons: false
      creepers: false
      spiders: false
      iron-golems: false
      cave-spiders: false
      bats: false
      silverfish: false
      slimes: false
      witches: false
      pig-zombies: false
      blazes: false
      ghasts: false
      magma-cubes: false
      withers: false
      giant-zombies: false
      enderdragons: false
      animals: false
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    Thank you but this did not work
    None of this was in my kill rank up config upon running my server for the first time however I
    removed the old killrankup folder
    retarted server to create new folder and config file
    added this to the config
    restarted server again
    attempted to kill mobs
    still refusing to track my kills.

    here is the paste bin to my new config for killrankup

    I think I have found the problem with this plugin

    when you download the killrankup plugin here:

    it doesnt track kills. it will add your name to the config.yml as it is suppose to but refuses to count kills. could this be because it is missing this?
    Is there a way to get the as a .jar and load it into the plugins folder of my server? ideas or thoughts on this?

    EDIT: still looking for fix to this problem if anyone has any ideas please let me know <3
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