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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Badger_1, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Plugin category: world management/admin tools/informational

    Suggested name: PlotMe Reviews

    What I want: Essentially, I'm looking for a plugin which does the same thing as ReviewMe, which is now inactive and outdated. The concept is that a player submits their PlotMe plot for reviewing , and a staff member will decide on it. If a plot is approved, certain commands will be run on the player, for exanple a rankup command. Players can only submit a certain amount of plots at a time. While I'd like a simpler plugin than the one stated above, I stress that it must have UUID compatibility, and seeing as this is for a large server, I'd like to be able to set whether it uses a flatfile/sqlite/MySQL too. Multi-world support is important too, as players get access to new worlds as they rankup, and also seeing as I don’t want reviews to be enabled in certain worlds.

    Ideas for commands:

    • Base command: /review - aliases /rev, /rv, /plotreview, /pr, /prv, etc.
    • Player sub-commands:
    • submit - Once this command is run, the player will be warned with a configurable message about the rules of submission (plot must be complete, don't make a troll plot, don't waste staff's time, etc.) and they must confirm their submission by running the command again, within 60 seconds of running the initial command.
    • cancel - Cancels the submission.
    • check - checks how long it has been since it's submitted, and if the plot has been reviewed yet.
    • help - lists commands which the player has permission to
    • Moderator sub-commands:
    • approve - approves a submitted plot
    • deny - denies a submitted plot
    • comment - send the player feedback on their plot, areas they could improve in, etc.
    • view [player] - teleport to the players plot
    • auto - teleport to the plot of the player who is at the top of the list
    • list - list players/plots who are awaiting review

    Ideas for permissions:
    • player permissions:
    • review.submit.number-of-plots - number-of-plots being the amount of plots which the player is allowed to submit at once.
    • review.cancel
    • review.check
    • review.notify.player - notifies the player when the status of the review is updated
    • Moderator permissions:
    • review.view
    • review.list
    • review.approve
    • review.deny
    • review.comment
    • review.notify.mod - notifies moderators when a new plot is submitted, and when another mod updates the status of a plot.
    • review.cooldownbypass - allows the recipient to bypass the set cooldown on when a plot can be submitted for reviewing after rejection.

    When I'd like it by: It doesn’t really bother me, as soon as you can would be great. Ideally, I’d like it by February, but I'm not in a rush :)
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    Sort of, but that plugin looks like it has a single command to mark the plot as checked as opposed to an approve/deny command. It also doesn't automatically rankup the user if the plot was accepted, either. It does have a similar concept as the plugin I'm requesting, though.
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