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    Category : Factions

    Plugin Name : SMP HCFactions

    What I want: Hi, first of all thanks for taking the time to view this thread. I would like a plugin like the one used on this server -, once you spawn in go the the north east corner and you should see a big sign saying HC Factions. (Not my server and not advertising, just showing what I would like my plugin to look like) In their plugin, it has Reputation, so when you kill someone you gain reputation, and when you kill them you get all the money they are carrying... But with the factions part of the plugin, I would like it so there is a faction bank (if you go on that server and make a faction then look at your faction, thats kind of what I want it to have), and the amount of money you have in your faction is the amount of land you can claim, but kind of like a $30 to one piece of land sort of thing, but it doesn't cost any money to claim land. Then it shows how much power you have, and the amount of deaths required to be able to raid that base. Also I want it to show the coordinates to their base like in that server, so if they die a lot people can come get their stuff. Also, make it so when you do like /f home it costs money to do so, so it would take it out of the faction bank. Please Help!
    Thank you,

    Ideas for commands: none

    Ideas for permissions: don't need any but feel free to make suggestions in the comments

    Also if It could have a death ban plugin that is configurable to if someone buys a rank it will shorten the banned time

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