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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: ExodusTitles

    What I want: When you run /title it shows you a GUI with the player prefixes that are available to the player. After you run the command /title in the GUI it has RED Glass panes showing the player that the titles are unavailable, if there are GREEN Glass panes that would show what titles the player has.

    Ideas for commands: /title, /title set <Titlename> <Color of the title> (Only allowed to change the Caps/Color of the current title selected.

    Ideas for permissions: exodustitles.title, exodustitles.titleset, exodustitles.(titlename)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    What titles will be available? Want to add titles via config?
    What does "/title set" do? More details please.
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    @Syrianen /title set is basically you set the the title colors and you can change the caps lock in the title. Titles will be available to add in console and in game by /title add <TitleName> and their are per title permission.
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    @TheHoboHomeless lol whats the sense you'll set a title ? are you trying to say like holograms ?
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    No... Something like this: [​IMG]

    TitleGui Sort of thing.

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    Thats my Plugin ChatTitles, link is in my Signature. It requires RankPrefix+ to work.
    Link is also in my Signature.
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    It doesn't work with PermissionEX and I have all the required Dependency's
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    Tag me otherwise I will not see your post.
    It does work with Pex, I myself I am using Pex and ChatTitles on my Server as well.
    By default however it does not respect Permission Plugins.
    If you are going to use it with Pex then install Vault and exchange
    in your config.yml
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