Problem/Bug players get timed out message on server

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by RedLegJohnny, Mar 17, 2015.

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    hey everyone,

    So I've had this problem a lot lateley on the server, where it keeps crashing and sends the player a timed out message. this happens in between of 2-8 hours after the server started.
    There already have been some suggestions since I posted this problem on spigot's forums, but it was like they said 1 thing that could cause the problem and don't give any solution.
    the thing they said was about a plugin issue or something.
    I've tried removing the plugins one by one but it didn't help, the server kept crashing.
    so I am at a loss. Here is a crash log of the server:

    Here also is the list of plugins:
    CoreProtect, WorldEdit, Questioner, Essentials, ClearLag, HolographicDisplay, Votifier, AutoSaveWorld, CryingStarsCustomPlugin, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsChat, PermissionsEx, mcMMO, MineResetLite, Vault, KeepDeathDrop, MassiveCore,EnjinMinecraftPlugin, TitleManager, Towny, MobArena, Towny Chat, Residence, Vampire, ResidenceSigns.

    I know that the server runs spigot, but I placed a post earlier on their forum and they didn't really give a answer to my problem. spigot version is: Spigot-c3c767f-33d5de3(MC:1.8)

    I hope that you guys know what the problem is ;)

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    @RedLegJohnny, that's something you should be asking the guys at spigot, but it looks like essentials and permissionsEx were involved in the crash.
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    @Tecno_Wizard, I tried to change from permissionsEx to permissionsbukkit, but I still got a server crash. this time I was able to manual let the crash occur. as far as I found out the server crashed when I did a towny reload.(I am using flatfile) I still think its odd, since there never happens a towny reload when he crashes other times. I still have no clue what is causing the problem and the peeps of spigot aren't really helpful. :/
    still thx for you reaction ;)

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    @RedLegJohnny Are you using the 1.8 versions of Essentials and PermissionsEX?
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    @nverdier, Yes, I do. I try to keep all of my plugins as much up-tp-date as possible.
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