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    Plugin category: RP (this is what I intend to use it for)

    Suggested name: PlayerMorph

    What I want:
    I want to be able to do a command and have my skin switch with one from another player.

    I know you can't use skins from a folder you have to use players skins. Like what the werewolf plugin did. I'm looking for something similar but more customization so I can have people turn into "monsters".

    Ex. I do /morph and my skin switches to the player Dog123's skin.

    You would set up a file where you can create a morph. I can set the skin by using another players name, set potion effects when morphed(infinite and no smoke particles), add extra health, and increase damage. Also allow me to set potion effects when the morphed player hits something.

    Also when a person, set into a morph category, goes below half health they morph and don't change back until the command to change back is used.

    Also I want some people to have potion effects even when they are not morphed. See Example.

    Ex. This is what I want the customization file to be like.

    Morph ID or name: Werewolf (the name of the morph)

    Skin: Dog123 (the players name used to set the skin)

    Potion effects when morphed: speed 2, haste 1 (the potion effects they have when morphed)

    Potion effects when not morphed: speed 1 (the potion effects they have when not morphed)

    Health Boost: 2 (adds more health) (put 0 if you don't want any boost)

    Damage Boost:1 (how much more damage they do)

    Attack Effects: blindness (the effect they apply on a hit when morphed.)

    attack Effects length: 10 seconds. (how long the effect lasts on the damaged player)

    I want to be able to have different morphs with different skins and effects, and be able to set players into a morph category. There would be multiple lists like the one above each with its own name, and another file where I put in a players name next to the Morph ID.

    Ideas for commands:
    ^morphs if your player is set into a morph category.

    ^changes player back to normal skin.

    /set player_name morph_type
    ^sets the player as that morph type. Can also be done from file.

    /remove player_name morph
    /remove player_name m
    ^removes the ability to morph from that player.

    Ideas for permissions:
    /set "player_name" "morph_type"
    /remove player_name morph
    /remove player_name m

    must be op'd to use these.
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