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    I know this plugin is already out, I am just unsure of it's name. It is basically a plugin that allows the player's skin to be copied and moved else-where. Like a statue. If anyone has any idea of the name of the plugin it would be a great help!
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    What do you mean with "copied and moved else-where"?
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    Well so it's like the actual player, basically a NPC that doesn't move or do anything.

    With the skin of the player

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    but how do you use the citizens plugin i've tried but it doesnt work for me
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    That's why you read the documentation. ;)
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  7. Were Is The Documentation I Cannot Find Anything On Citizens Plugin.
    If There Is A Documentation Can You Send It To Me
  8. Necro and can you not use all caps in every word you say?
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    Here's the magical solution. Go to the plugin's page on BukkitDev. Find the "Wiki" link. Click it. And you should be taken to this page:

    If all goes well, you should learn that you can use the /npc command to create those fantastic non-player characters you've been wanting.
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    Paris Sky Fuja

    Nice, been looking for this for a loooooooong time!
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    Get DWDNpc
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    Really? This plugin is better! :)
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    It's been about two years since that guy posted that :p
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    Thread is now locked. Lets us let sleeping posts lie.
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