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    Plugin category: Mechanics/Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Player Referral

    What I want: A plugin that will allow players to refer a new player on the server and when they do, each player will get benefits for doing so. The referred players benefits would be different from the referring player. Player that want to refer others could generate a code from the plugin that they give to other players and when they join they would use the code to confirm they were referred by that player. Each player would have their own specific referral code.

    Ideas for commands: /pr code - gives player their referral code
    /pr ref <code> - to designate that you were referred by a code

    Not really sure what other codes would be needed. Other then admin commands to possibly set up the rewards but that could be done through config more easily.

    Ideas for permissions: playerreferrals.refer(players/groups with this can refer other players)
    playerreferrals.referrable(players/groups with this can be referred [this would be mainly for default/starting permissions group])

    Again, not really sure what else would be needed.

    When I'd like it by: Asap please :D
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    You can get most of what you want with OnTime:

    You can set up rewards for both the referring player and the player referred. A player can make multiple referrals, but a player can only be referred once. The rewards can kick in right away, or not until after the referred player has been on the system for a specified amount of time. The only thing missing is the 'unique code' for players to use to verify the referral. I don't really understand the purpose of that, perhaps you can explain.

    Make sure to look at the pages tab as there is detailed on for setting up referral rewards.
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    Thanks, thats exactly what I wanted!
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