PLayer only able to do a command once per life help!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by jelly_beng, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Hello All!, Once again thanks for reading my post! So, Today I am almost done with my private plugin which is a kit pvp plugin (Basic I know but I am returning to java after a 3 month break). I do not want to delay the users because I am not sure how long they are all going to be alive for so I want to find a method (If possible) to make sure a player can only type a command once per life. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks for your time! P.S. Sorry for no code this time! I don't even know what to start this with!
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    you want em to be able to do a command when live 1 time if die thay can do it agine?
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    HashMap<Player, Boolean> canCmd = new HashMap<Player, Boolean>();

    canCmd.put(player, false);

    If you want to further this to tracking the players when they leave and come back, the use of a text doc would be needed.

    Sorry if something doesn't work. Im currently in school and don't have the ability to test anything out.
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    Yeah, Is this possible or not?

    Ah, Ok I will add it in now! Thanks for messaging me during the school time!

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    No problem. Hopefully you know where to add all the different components I threw together above. If not I can explain.
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    Yeah, I added them in to where I think is the right place but no commands would work. I am planning on doing this for when I have more time as I need to revise for a test :/ Thanks for your help. If its ok I could pm you if I need help?
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    Sure feel free to pm me if you need any help
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