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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Blooby, Nov 30, 2018.

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    Player Identity

    What I want:

    This plugin should be rather interesting. This will be an RP plugin that allows players to introduce themselves to others. Before hand they wouldn't know their names, their names above their head would be based off of their group name (I use GroupManager sadly).

    When you first see a player, their name will be.. for example: Civilian or Police Officer.

    To introduce yourself to player, you have to be within 2 blocks and directly looking at that player. To start the introduction, you time /introduce <playername>. In the other players chat, it will make a ding sound of some sort and will allow you to click or type /accept <playername> or to decline use the same system except with /deny <playername>.

    Once accepted, the players name will change from whatever it was before to their IGN.

    You CANNOT un-introduce yourself to a player.

    Allow the plugin to still work with other plugins such as, NameTagEdit so that it will change the color of the name (We have other stuff implemented with it).

    For more identity, only allow the name to be shown above their head if you're looking directly at them. So that they are off to the side, you cannot see it unless in front of you. This also allows for a more realistic approach when they are on the other sides of walls and what not without shifting.

    Ideas for commands:

    • /introduce <playername> (To introduce to another player)
    • /accept <playername> (accept a request)
    • /deny <playername> (deny a request)

    Ideas for permissions:


    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible.
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    If I have enough time and no one else made it before Christmas holidays, I'll try to make someting for you.

  3. Since @Robnoo will only do it if nobody has done it by Christmas i'll have a go, give me like a day or two cause i have a busy week :) And I need to have a look at NameTagEdit cuase I have never used it
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    Are you able to still make this? Haven't heard back from the other guy
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    Pretty sure he said he'll try around Christmas holidays.
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    I’m talking about the second guy who said something. But I was seeing if the first guy could do it since the other said he’d get back to me in a few days and it’s been a week lol.

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    I said that I would make it once my holiday vacation started because I had to study for exams and I had promised to make 2 other plugins. I posted that just to let you know that I could be a 'backup' if it took to long ;). I have more time during the holidays, so I'll start coding when I finished the 2 others.

    I'll let you know when I start with it, unless someone else already finished it.

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    I will make this. Once I'm done I will post a link to the GitHub repo.
    This will take longer than expected because NameTagEdit won't provide player specific name tag editing. I will have to make a custom solution.
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