Place able water in nether

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Killaura_Hacks, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Plugin category: World Editing and Management

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8

    Suggested name: WaterNether

    What I want:
    Im starting a factions server and it would be nice for players to be able to gen walls in the nether I have looked out there and found NetherWater but that is 1.9/1.10 and doesnt work on spigot 1.8.8 and NetherLiquids ive tested and you can place water in warzone/safezone/worldguarded regions so yeah if someone could make a plugin that you can place water in the nether but not in protected regions and only in your own faction land/wilderness.

    Ideas for commands: /waternether reload

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: 12/9/16
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    @Killaura_Hacks I'm starting this now, and it doesn't seem too bad, so it should be done soon.

    Question: why do you need to reload the plugin? There's not really going to be anything that can be reloaded.
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    idk its not needed idk why I put that there lol
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    OTF Catastrophe

    Was this plugin filled yet?
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    OTF Catastrophe

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