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    I really want pixelmon on my server. But on just certain worlds. Not all the worlds. So i want a pixelmon plugin based on pixelmon 3.0 that will allow you to set certain worlds with pokemon and certain worlds without it. Sorry if I'm being a little demanding.The permissions could be:

    pixelmon.* all permissions.
    pixelmon.pokemon be able to catch pokemon and get a starter and send out pokemon.
    pixelmon.craft.* be able to craft pixelmon stuff.
    pixelmon.spawn spawn pokemon
    pixelmon.give give people pokemon.
    pixelmon.battle battle.
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    The Fancy Whale

    Just a few thoughts...
    1) I can tell you didn't read http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/read-me-first-plugin-requests-guide.81209/
    2) As I have said before, large plugins such as minigames or heavy changes like this are usually not filled here because people do not have time to do these large requests. So sadly, it is hard to find people to do these larger plugins.
    3) Pixelmon is impossible to make a plugin out of. Pixelmon is a mod for a reason, you can't add new creatures to minecraft.
    Hope some of this helped you :)
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    Maybe if u turn off mob spawning in one world it will carry over to the Pokemon just an idea
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    Locked. Unofficial builds are not supported here.
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