Plugin Request Pixelmon mod 3.3.5 Per World Riding

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    What im looking for is for a plugin that will allow server owners to disable pixelmon riding per world

    Pixelmon mod is a popular mod and in the mod you can ride ontop of certain pokemon like you would mount a horse in vanilla minecraft,

    This can be a good and bad thing because a server owner might want to allow players to ride / fly /surf atop there pokemon in one world, but completely disable it in another world, for example = I wouldnt want players to be able to ride there pokemon in my pvp, or parkour worlds because they could simply fly away on there pokemon and evade battle or fly on there pokemon to the ends of my parkour courses to easily cheat

    Im no developer at all soo i cant tell you that what im about to say next will hold water at all... But.

    It is my theory that pixelmon riding and horse riding work similarly ( Just a Theory ) soo maybe a plugin that disables horse riding will fullfill my need? i do not need the plugin to disable horse riding per world, i can use a plugin like "PerworldPlugins" to disable the plugin in specific worlds however if someone is willing to breathe life into my idea and go the extra mile to add a perworld configuration then i would be soo thankfull.

    Now that you hopefully have a general idea of what im getting at, id like to go ahead and do my best job at making a plugin "Layout" below

    What im looking for :
    A Plugin that will disable Horse Riding / Pixelmon Riding Per world

    Spigot or Bukkit for minecraft version 1.7.10 and higher

    Permissions :

    Config :
    Not neccessary but if someone is willing..

    World To Disable Riding

    I hope i can get any kind of response on this, If there is such a plugin that already exsists than a point in the right direction would be amazing aswell, Hope this isnt to hefty of an order to fill, and Ty soo very much for taking the time to read my post ! :)
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Moved to Bukkit Alternatives
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    Im not seeing a link for that section of the forums?

    and why did it have to be moved, did you read the whole post? i was generally requesting a plugin that disables horse riding

    *Edit* actually i did find the link to the section, but hey tim, youve been here for ages, by any chance would you know where i can find a plugin that disables horse riding? figured you might know, im assuming you know this site like the back of your hand =P
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    killyouslow But for a pixelmon server. And I don't know every plugin.
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    Ahh oh well hopefully someone will pick up on what im puttin down =P
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