Pistons Can Move Any Block

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    Plugin category: Pistons, Enhancements

    Suggested name: PistonPushMore

    What I want: I'd like to see a plugin that allows Pistons to push Non-Pushable Blocks
    eg. Chests, Long Chests, Obsidian, Furnaces, EndStone And More.

    Maybe a Config.yml file? allowing what can/cant be pushed?

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin. But maybe a Reload?

    Ideas for permissions: PistonPushMore.Push.ID PistonPushMore.create PistonPushMore.destroy
    Or Not? Depends since its via redstone

    When I'd like it by: Up to you, You Developing it, Sooner = Better
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    this sounds cool, hopefully a dev can make this
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    Even bedrock? :/
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    Wow! 2/3 of Bukkiteers don't know what a piston is :D
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    They're developers, not redstoners :3
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    S'true :D
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    Thanks! this would be really good! ive desinged a house that is created via pistons but it cant move chest's and other thing's. And im sure there would be other uses :p

    Also (Not to sound Impatient) Approx how long will this take You?
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    DO NOT UPDATE THAT PLUGIN! there is a much more effective way to do it using some rather hacky NMS ways that should work much better and take barley any code :D
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    Is it a Easy Way? Are u working on this Plugin? Plz Explain!
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    Either swap the piston tile entity with one that doesn't have some checks for invalid blocks (bedrock etc), or swap the blocks themselves. One of those should work.
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    just the man i got the idea from :D this guy lives in hackish NMS crap :D
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    Is Anyone Working on a plugin that can do this??
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    Any Word on this??
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    Any word on this? I've tried a couple different pistons plugins but none of them work. enhancedpistons needs java 1.7 to work, which I can't get.
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    No piston plugins work! it sucks! PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE A WORKING PLUGIN! T.T

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