Piston Mods [FORMATTED]

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    Plugin category: Fun/Mechanic Altering

    Suggested name: PistonPower

    What I want: Pretty much, Pistons can only push 12 block of any sort, however when working with massive redstone builds, like elevators and automatically generating structures this limit really wears down on advanced redstone users, and I was needing a mod that could lift this limit to a cap (managed in a config, to help prevent abuse)

    Ideas for commands: I don't think any commands would be neccessary for a mod like this

    Ideas for permissions: No specific permissions really required as everyone would have access to the modified pistons.

    When I'd like it by: As soon possible however I could wait a week or two if that's what it took.
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    I do under stand this,
    But please format this
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    I like this, but as the players I have on my server are so bad with wiring that they have difficulty with pressurepad activated doors, I'd never use it.

    Hope somebody picks this up :D
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    I'm extremely good with complicated redstone mechanisms and currently my town I'm making is surrounded by auto-constructing/auto repairing mechanisms and sadly they are very limited right now. I've seen many people want a mod like this but never one thats up to date or for bukkit

    Derp? :D

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  6. Wait 12 hours before bumping.
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    Well I'll just bump this one more time in hopes someone will assist me :3
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    Good idea, maybe you should actually come up with an idea though
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    This is an idea?
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    Huh, more like steaming horse shit... LOL
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    It's an idea? Plus, thats not real nice to say someones plugin request is steaming horse shit. You wouldn't like it.
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    I'm sorry you don't like it but I know quite a few people who would absolutely love a mod like this :) It can allow so much more in minecraft for redstone users
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    I think this is a great plugin. Although I won't personally use it, I can see how it opens up so many possibilities. :)

    Good luck with a developer, and good idea!
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    I've created a wall using this that endlessly regenerates itself for cobble farming and a defensive position on land, with this you could make buildings, walls and bridges creeper/tnt proof (to an extent) If you don't use redstone why would you even bother looking into this request?

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