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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Shahblox, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: PhysicalBackpack

    What I want: So there's quite a few backpack plugins already yes, however all of them are through commands like /backpack which isn't really fun in a hardcore/pvp server for example. So I wanted this plugin to allow a certain item to be used as a backpack no matter how this item is spawned. So for example I make a wither head into a backpack. Now every time you get a wither head in any way, when you right-click it you are opened with an inventory based on permissions. So now when you have something in that backpack for example, and you die, only the backpack in this case wither head drops and when another player comes to pick it up they can right-click it to take what is inside.

    Ideas for commands:
    /backpack clearall - Clears every backpack in the server.
    /backpack reload - Reloads config.

    Ideas for permissions:
    backpack.slot.1(allows 1 slot to open)
    backpack.slot.5(allows 5 slots to open)
    backpack.slot.32(allows 32 slots to open and is max)
    backpack.slot.admin - All commands.

    When I'd like it by: Within a few days if possible.
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    @Shahblox Inventory slots must be divisible by 9, unless you want the other 8, for example, to just have an immovable item in those slots.
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    I've seen diff servers with things that can open chat menus with even 5 slots

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    That's a hopper inventory. 1 slot is not possible though.
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    Oh yes sorry that's right, so I guess 5 slot from hopper and then slots divisible by 9, permission wise in the config it can say what perms can be used and a wrong perm simply won't work.
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    Bump hope someone can do this!
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    Hmmm... I am making a plugin SORTA like this. Except it uses said persons enderchest... Would that be okay? I can add the /clearall command too.

    EDIT: I read your OP, my plugin isn't like yours :p
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    Why not try CraftBook and use their command items feature. You can set up an item with a custom name/lore to run any command you like, either as a player, operator or console. If you download another backpack plugin which uses /backpack, you could give them the perms for certain sizes of backpacks but not to use the command. Then, simply configure your backpack item to run /backpack on right-click as a super-player or whatever, which overrides permissions.
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    Nice idea! Do you know if it makes an item globally do a command or force it to change name/lore anytime you get this item within your inventory?

    Also the difference is, this is would be a legit backpack plugin, for example if I dropped my backpack and someone else came and right-clicked it they're own /backpack menu would come up so it takes one of the main points away.
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    Oh right... well then I guess you're going to have to get a custom plugin made. The problem with having per-player backpacks stored in items is that it's unreliable, for example if I die and get another backpack, 2 people could access my backpack at once, as I don't think it's possible to store data in items without using lore, and so you would end up having to have a unique ID stored in lore and it just complicates it.

    And yes it makes the item globally do the command, as long as it has the same name/lore. So if you set the item as leather named "Backpack", any leather named "Backpack" would open the player's personal backpack.
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    @ketchupcoke Handy trick: When a backpack is crafted, assign a hex id to it. Hide this id in multiple color codes before the item name, followed by §f to preserve the normal looking name. For instance: §1§e§8§fBackpack
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