Problem/Bug PEX + SimplePrefix: Prefixes not changing

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xanderpitz, Jul 16, 2015.

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    I'm having an issue with PEX & SimplePrefix where the pre/suffixes do not change when I change the user's group. I know for sure that they are changing via the scoreboard on my server updating their rank.

    The problem occurs on my creative server. I'm currently displaying the user's donation rank with a suffix and their build rank as a prefix as follows: [suffix][prefix][username]: [message]. The default rank is the Planner rank which has a suffix of "START" and prefix "Planner", ergo: START Planner Xanderpitz. Whenever I change the ranks, the prefix doesn't update appropriately.

    Here's my PEX permissions config (NOTE: I haven't set up the rank hierarchy yet, but that's not a relevant issue):
    This is my SimplePrefix config (*NOTE* I have tried messing with bungeecord and Vault options to see if that had any effect, but it didn't):
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    You didn't write the permissions correctly.

    In PEX, to give a permission, you would write that line as "- simpleprefix.Planner", and to negate a permission you would write "- -simpleprefix.Planner". In your permissions file, all your other permissions are written correctly, but for some reason, you've written the simple prefix permissions in another format (that format is used by some other permissions plugins).

    So, replace "- simpleprefix.Planner: true" with "- simpleprefix.Planner", and so on.

    By the way, using the prefix and suffixes as you did to make both donation and build rank prefixes isn't the recommended way. Instead, you should do the following:
    • Change them all back to prefixes.
    • Enable multiPrefix.
    • Change the value of multiPrefixSeparator, if you'd like.
    • Use group tiers to make two rank ladders, one for donation ranks and one for build ranks; for example, write "build" in the tier value of all the build rank groups, and write "donation" in the tier value of those groups.

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    Thanks, I saw the simpleprefix node done that way online, and didn't know it wasn't supposed to be done like that.

    Ya, the way I did it is a bit strange, but it should work in the end. I'll have 2 rank ladders used to separate the builder ranks from the builder ranks with the [D] prefix (i.e. those that bought the 4th creative rank).

    The actual donation ranks don't have any effect on the creative server and are there simply because I wanted to display them pretty much everywhere on the network.
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