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    I'm using PEX and worldguard but I can't figure out how to do certain really important things.

    I need to protect the whole spawn (it's in it's own world and the terrain is custom made by our staff so it isnt a big world) from griefing but players still has to be able to interact with signs since the shop is at spawn and we have a wall with warp signs.
    Right now it is protected by safezone delivered by Factions but this makes our builders unable to build at spawn which is importatn that they can do.

    And in the shop there is tree floors (1st: all players, 2nd and 3rd: only donators) and we need to be able to set some kind of a "zone" on the stairs blocking all non-donator players to go up to the 2nd and 3rd floor.

    If anyone know how to fix this all help are apriciated.

    Best regards
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    Coming on your server now to help :)
    - Person8880

    Problem Solved :)

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