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  1. I need a plugin that only allows players to teleport to players that are in their same world or in a linked world.
    Player 1 is in factions, Player 2 is in creative.
    Player 1 tries to tpa to player 2 but says he is offline because he is not in his world.
    But if player 1 was in factions and player 2 was in factions it would allow that and send the request.
    And i would like to link worlds that bypass this per world tpa. like
    Factions players can teleport to players in the factions nether.

    /tpa | pwtpa.tpa
    /tpaccept | pwtpa.tpaccept
    /tpdeny | pwtpa.tpdeny
    /tpahere | pwtpa.tpahere
    I really need this plugin.
    and if so i would like to be able to set a prefix but if not thats ok.
  2. Use Multi-Chocolate and then disable the command in Creative for Factions, and same thing for all the worlds.
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    I can begin working on this soon as I already have a plugin that is similar to this that I can use as a base.
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