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    I'm creating an economy server where players will be able to
    A. Get Jobs and Rank Up in the Business World
    B. Commit Crimes (Robberies, etc). It's gotta be realistic, plus that will add a sense of uniqueness.
    C. Buy Houses and Apartments
    D. Purchase In-Game Perks (Houses, Money, etc).

    What I want is an economy plugin like no other. I want to make it as simple as possible for the players. Here are the commands I want.

    /job - teleports player to their business or current job.

    /job spawn - sets spawn for employees who type /job (business owner only)

    /job new - takes player to Employment office where they can click on signs that change their job depending on their rank

    /job leave - leaves the player's job

    /house - teleports player to their owned property

    /house new - takes player to Real Estate office, where player can click on signs to buy houses and/or apartments

    /business - shows stat for current player's business

    /business new <Business Name> <description> - (must be unemployed) teleports player to small empty plot and creates business. Command Cost: $2000

    /business retire - (for business owners only) retires the player from the business and gives business leadership to 2nd person who joined business. If the owner was the only employee, the business closes.

    /business advertise - advertises business in chat
    Chat Message:
    <Company Name>
    <Company Description>
    <Company Leader>
    Command Cost: $300​

    /fire <player> - (business owners only) fires specified player from business

    /hire <player> - (business owners only) sends job invite to specified player

    /join <business> - join a business the player was invited to.

    /income - shows business/player's income for past 1 hour

    /business delete <business name> - deletes the specified business

    /economy crash - crashes the economy, no money can be made until /economy revive is executed. Server Message: The Economy Has Crashed!

    /economy revive - revives economy after crash

    /economy reset - all player-created jobs are erased and all player-owned plots are erased. All players are unemployed.

    /tax <amount> - takes specified amount from all players. If a player does not have the amount, he receives a 2 hour ban for "Tax Fraud"


    /stocks - check status of all companies' stocks

    /stocks invest <company> <amount> - invests specified amount in specified company's stocks

    /stocks sell <company> <all, half> - sells all or half or specified company's stocks

    /stocks crash - (ADMIN ONLY) Crashes stock market and player lose all their stocks

    Thanks for taking the time to read this forum post. I hope you'll consider making me this plugin. You will receive a special rank on the server and will be given $1 billion in-game cash. You'll never have to work a day in your life!

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