Personal Safe (chestprotection with codelocksystem)

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    Plugin category: Chest Protection

    Suggested name: Personal Safe

    What I want: A plugin that lets you craft a safe that you can code lock. I know this is possible in bukkit, as some of the features are used in other plugins but for other things.
    The chest should be craftable with the recipe below and give back a normal chest (as there cannot be new items in bukkit) but renamed and having an enchanted look in the inventory. (e.g. see "Crafting Plus" by RingOfStorms where the new workbench is displayed as an enchanted item in your inventory).
    When the chest is placed the first time you have to set an accesscode, which from now on must be entered everytime a player tries to open the chest. With Shift+Right_Mouse you can reset the code when entered the right code before.
    The codelock should work like in the plugin "Codelock" by nisovin. If possible in a just 3x3 Inventory with the lockitems.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /psreload - Reload the config

    Ideas for permissions:
    - ps.bypass - Admins can bypass the code-window
    - ps.use - If the player can use and craft the safe
    - ps.reload - to use /psreload commands

    - Set items in the code window (slot 1-9)
    - If the chest should be replaced by another block when placed default: false
    --> new_block_id: ...
    - name of the code window default: "Enter code"
    - pm (chatmessage to player) when code is created: "Safe succesfully locked withe code:.."
    - pm (chatmessage to player) when code is reset: "Safe password reset to: ..."
    - pm (chatmessage to player) when code is false: "Wrong code. Access denied."
    - set the recipe for the safe

    x e x
    e c e
    x e x

    - e = emerald
    - c = chest
    - x = empty

    When I'd like it by:
    - It would be nice if you could code it in 1-2 weeks. (if possible)

    Short Summary:
    -Personal Safe (chest) with code lock window (items = numbers).
    -Special name when in hand (enchanted and renamed)

    If i forgot something please feel free to pm me or post a comment.
    If you are interested in this plugin or want to develop it (it´s for my server) then feel free to write a comment, too.


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