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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cactuspy, Sep 16, 2021.

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    Now theres an issue with grief allowed servers and that is that is completely untraceable when something has been stolen or a chest has been exploded, so what i was wondering is if there is a type of chest logger that allows anyone to have placed a chest to be able to see the logs of said chest almost like a chat menu, and if said chest is destroyed it will say Chest (Destroyed) by [name], there fore you can get payback or get your stuff back

    let me explain with example

    i build house and stick stuff in chest,
    i come back next day its exploded and chest is gone,
    i do /Chests, and it says the chest i placed has been destroyed by adp335,
    so i make diamond sword and go hunt him down for my stuff back

    is that available for 1.16.5?
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    Hi! I just finished coding the plugin you requested! I really wish you'll find that useful! Bukkit is still validating it, but spigot has just published it here!

    Edit: Bukkit has just approved it, you can find it here
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    im vibrating with intensity rn, lets go, thanks man i hope you have a good one, now this is completely optional on your end, but is there any way that it can show the last person who interacted with the chest who wasnt you, that way if anyone steals something you can tell

    like lets say someone takes your bow, and you check the chest to realize its gone, and so you check the /chests and see that it was joe who last touched your chest

    also make it so you dont need to have any perms to use /chests as everyone in the server will be using it and luckperms isnt working to set the command to be available to everyone, and im unsure how to modify the files itself to implement this

    the only bug is that when using redstone activated tnt it bypasses the logger, or punching a creeper into it, otherwise runs smoothly and perfectly
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    bump! damn this person really just decided to put this here and never come back
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