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    Plugin category: Administration

    Suggested name: PersonalCensor

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that allows users and admins to set up personal, and global censor libraries, respectively. The global censor library, however, should only work as a starter personal censor library for players, and should be freely customizable by them later (I.E. Selfie is globally censored but can be uncensored for one person if they so choose). There's really not much else to say, but it'd be nice if these libraries would be separate from eachother and remove themselves when a person is gone for, say, 3 months. The censors would be replaced with random characters by default, but can be alternatively replaced with something else like &K letters or a word.

    Ideas for commands:
    /globalcensor add/remove "(Word)" <end/delete/word> "<replacementword(For the word argument)>" - Adds/removes a word from the global censor. Words or phrases would be in quotes and the censor style would follow it.
    /personalcensor add/remove "(Word)" <end/delete/word> "<replacementword(For the word argument)>" - Adds/removes a word from a user's personal censor.

    Ideas for permissions:
    personalcensor.admin - Allows a user to change the global censor

    When I'd like it by: July 1st
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    Working on this now. :)

    EDIT: Going to bed. I will finish it up tomorrow. :D
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    If Jakeob22 doesnt finish this, I'll be sure to do it.

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    Hm... I can't seem to figure out how I could do this without breaking any chat formatting plugins you're using. Would you mind if I also formatted the chat with it?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Jakeob22 Only need to get, modify and set the message. No need to look at the format
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    timtower I'm trying to make the message look different for each player, not just change the message for everybody.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Then you should catch it, resend the same one with different recipients.
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    Jakeob22 catch it, cancel it for a specific player AMD send them. The personal
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    Alright, I figured it out. Thanks for the help, guys. :)
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    Can't wait to see the finished product. :)
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    rayblon Sorry for taking so long, it's just about done! :D
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    The deadline is july 1st, no rush. :p

    I edited the first command for the plugin in the description. I forgot to add the word and replacementword arguments.
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    Pretty much everything is set up, I'm just having some display problems. Anyway, I'm kinda confused by what end/delete/word is supposed to be for. :)
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    Yeah, I could have phrased that better.

    So, let's say bunny is a word you really, really don't like.

    You can choose one of three ways to go about doing it.
    1. /personalcensor add "bunny" end
    This command would place &k in front of bunny and detects the previous formatting/color symbols, placing &r&x(x being the previous formatting symbol) after bunny. I.E A message is "&bI like how a bunny can hop around.", you will see it as "&bI like how a &kbunny&r&b can hop around." This is the most involved of the three. If it can't be done, that's fine.

    Let's say this time you're an admin and you don't want any newbies seeing the word bunny at all

    2. /globalcensor add "bunny" delete
    Basically, it removes bunny from the message. So you have "I like how a bunny can hop aroun." again, but this time there's none of that crazy formatting, it simply changes how everyone sees the message to "I like how a can hop around."

    Here's the fun one.

    3. /personalcensor add "bunny" word "kitten"
    This command replaces bunny with another word or phrase, changing the message "I like how a bunny can hop around." to "I like how a kitten can hop around."

    I have some additional ideas for the plugin; allowing users to lock their censor libraries with passwords. That way, if Johnny discovers the plugin and tries playing around with mommies' censor settings, he can't actually change anything.
    Perhaps executed with "/personalcensor password (password)",
    "/personalcensor login (password)" to login
    "/personalcensor logout" to logout

    Also, being able to access your personal censor library would be nice. It may look something like this(But ofc not these words)
    Censors: "bunny";end, "happiness";delete, "oh my god";word("oh my gosh")

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