permissions plugin for 1.0.0?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by akhlys, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Is there anyone?
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    Hey Saul,

    I have been out of running a server since April of this year. Back then I was using TheYeti's Permissions plugin, and really liked it. I see now that he's discontinued support for it.

    Out of the three Permissions plugins you listed, which one has the most support from plugin developers?
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    I would say PermissionsEX does, but bPermissions also has a lot of support.

    Note: You can easily convert your permissions 3 to one of the plugins above here
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    Im using permissionsEx without any problems :)
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    Oh, I'm starting all over from scratch, so no need to convert Permissions.

    I ask about all this because I tried out bPermissions last night, and had only the WorldBorder plugin. I took away permissions from it, and I was still able to access all commands on WorldBorder without having OP or any other permissions assigned.

    It's possible WorldBorder isn't updated to work with bPermissions 2.x , but I have yet to get that confirmed by anyone.
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    Hey Saul,
    I have been running a server for not too long actually its really new. I use PermissionsEx and I can't edit my group i gave very simple groups but it doesn't have the users.yml file so i cannot edit my group can you help at all and tell me how to edit my rank----SetRankPEX doesn't work.
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    Why is groupmanager not in your list saul?
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    PermissionsBukkit is dead isn't it?
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    No...its just been updated to 1.0.0. Its supposed to be the default for bukkit. PEX is pretty good though.
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    it has? not on bukkitdev...
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