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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by genthu, Jul 11, 2015.

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    So, I have all of the signs enabled in essentials, they all work for me as the owner with all permissions available ('*'). I've made other signs for other people on my server (with moderator permissions) and they've been able to use them. Namely, warp and kit signs. I got crackshot, and tweaked a few things in config and brought a friend in to test it (moderator). I set him up a [heal] sign, which I was able to use, and was set up correctly. He could not use it. I went through his permissions, added essentials.heal, essentials.heal.others, made sure he had signs.use.heal, restarted the server, and he could not use it. He got out again, I gave him permissions to use everything in essentials. He still could not use it. Only when I gave him permissions for every single plugin was he able to use the sign. What did I miss/what am I missing?
    1.Owner perms, 2.mod perms, 3.plugin list: owner perms.png mod perms.png plugin list.png
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    Ok, I see where you went wrong in the process,

    Now what you need to do, Is this

    On your moderator permissions file I see signs.use.heal,

    What it needs to be is

    That is the correct answer to your problem. (Don't forget to leave me a Thank/Like)
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    I will definitely try that! I suppose, as a follow up question: if I gave him 'essentials.*' that would give him all essentials permissions, correct? Including essentials.signs.use.heal? So, wouldn't that have fixed the problem?
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    Sometimes using a * in a permission can glitch, so giving him all of the permissions would be better
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    Hmmm. Alright. Thank you!
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    If that doesn't work, go in to your and set spawn-protection to 0, save, and restart. This often helps if the sign is too close to spawn.
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