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    Hi, I'm looking for two plugins:
    The first one should allow to change the permissions from a player when he goes in and out of a region. For example:
    Region X adds permission Y ( for example)
    When player Z enters region X, he is granted Y. When he leaves, he loses it.
    There is probably something that exists already and does that, but I was unable to find it.

    Second plugin should allow me to trade all my money for an item. I know there is already a lot of signs shop and things that like, but what I'm looking for is different:
    I'd like my players to go talk to a npc, and the npc would give him as many item as he can in exchange for all of his money. That's it, no GUI, no options, just talk to the villager and he will swap your virtual money for a stack of the same item.

    I would be really glad to find those things, thanks !
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    Bump, still looking

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