Permission - Guest for 2 h then member? HELP

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Siickest, Dec 23, 2012.

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    I wanna know if there any way to use .. *Essenstial or *Group manager to make this happend

    What I mean with this is. You login on my server and after you have played on the server for 30 min you will automatic turn into a Default member and you have those permission.

    Would be nice ;)
  2. Not possible with essentials or groupmanager.

    You will need an external plugin

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  5. I do know that :p
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    my point is essentials has no relation to masterpromote, thus there isnt any overlap.
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    Can I ask.. cajs12345 & necrodoom

    Can I make with this plugin you linked med cajs.. Like .. TestModerator .. after he have been the test moderator for 1 hour he become a real Moderator? If I like type the name of those TestModerators or something?
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    For the Moderator thing, I'm not sure, but for ranking up over time, I use AutoRank, it's very easy to use, and allows players to check how close they are to ranking up! (I haven't checked MasterPromote, it may be able to also.)
  9. Both will work, You need to add the group TestModerator to groupmanager, then the plugin will autodetect them.
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