Permanently prevent from X-Ray and other Hacks

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    Hello, Plugin Developers!
    Before I write, I want to say that I'm Polish and this post will contain a lot of gramatical mistakes. ;/ Sorry.
    okay, since few days i have big problem with cheaters on my server... I was searching for plugins, what can prevent my server from that people, but there's no plugin, what can do this. I was thinking about make plugin, what will satisfy me, but I don't know the Java ;x So, when i invented something, I decided to release my idea here ;) Maybe somebody will read this theard.

    So, I want plugin, what will force minecraft.jar file from the url. For example, when somebody with X-Ray, or flyhack will try to connect to my server, that plugin will send him minecraft.jar file, and when he's on my server, he can use only that minecraft.jar, what the Plugin send to him.

    There's plugin, what force Texture pack on an User, but it can prevent only from invisible Texture-Packs.

    If somebody can, please - make plugin, what give few minecraft.jar files to player, that he can chose one of them, and play with this on my server. And the same with Texture packs, I want that plugin give few Texture packs and few minecraft.jar files from urls. When somebody'll try to join my server, he'll see something like this:

    If you want to play on this server, please chose one of that files and texture packs:

    pack with TooManyItems, X-ray, fly-hack(avaliable only for groups with proper Permission)
    pack with HD - texture fix
    pack with TooManyItems

    Texture Pack:
    Doku-Light Texture pack
    Original Minecraft Texture pack
    Photo Realism Texture pack

    And when he chose it, downloading will begin, than server will use chosen files :)

    Thanks for interest of my theard. If somebody will make that plugin, I'll be very grateful :)
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    Illegal and not technically possible, even with sprout.

    Your best bet is using ore to client obfuscator + NoCheat + mxAntiPvPCheat + Xray detector(not really needed since ores aren't visible).
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    Bukkitcontrib plugin can force Bukkitcontrib SP mod, so why can't we do plugin, what force mod, what will make that interface etc. and make plugin, what force minecraft.jar, like this plugin, with forcing Texture packs?
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    You can't load a new minecraft.jar on the fly! Even if you could, it would be illegal to download the jar and even worse to distribute it.

    BukkitContrib is no longer being updated. No it's no possible to "what force mod, what will make that interface etc. and make plugin, what force minecraft.jar, like this plugin, with forcing Texture packs".
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    Hmm... And make minecraft.jar file for server? I mean that server will use that file and players will use it, too?

    Or... The plugin, what will check out the minecraft.jar and kicks players, who have mods, what i didn't let to use on my server
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    Follow my original advice, install some anti-cheat plugins.
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    It's called Spout.
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    ahh, ok, so tell me - why can't we do plugin, what force minecraft.jar? It don't have to load new minecraft.jar in fly, can only force it, and i'll give players link to download.
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    its possible. just very difficult to code this...

    with " spout " theres a

    public void setTexturePack(setTexturePackEvent event)
    but the hard part is how do you hook a url into this?

    Straight from the Spout Api

    So basically what im saying is ill try this out. if i get this to work, keep an eye out on plugin submissions....

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    There already is a plugin that does this...the problem is the good XRay's aren't invisible texture packs,they're hacks...that means that even when you change the texture pack,you can still press X and all the blocks will dissapear (yes,i used xray's,but it was a looong time ago)
    Now,for the normal minecraft,there is a mod called modloadermp...this mod,somehow,detects all the mods installed on the client! If spout can create something like that,making a plugin that automatically bans those who have "XRay hack"or however it's called installed will be pretty easy!
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    Okay, but Texture pack isn't everything. I told that we need to force Texture pack AND minecraft.jar file...

    chernobyl360, post here after your try ;x
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    cainfool beat me to it. theres a plugin in the submissions. but it only effects texturepack.....
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    I know! I asked - Anybody can make plugin, what force minecraft.jar file?
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    I know -_- but he was talking about BukkitContrib, I should have mentioned Spout.
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    So... if it's imossible to make plugin, what load new minecraft.jar in fly... Maybe it is possible to make plugin, what can check out the minecraft jar file and kick players, who have mods, what the plugin doesn't let to use on the server?
    Make the files list, what players can have in the minecraft.jar... And plugin will scan that file, then kick, if somebody have file, what's not on the list?

    Edit: Ahh, this is cool mod:

    Can anybody make something like this, but with X-Ray?
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    My imaginary solution is to have the server owner distribute his own client and have a plugins that checks for some keys in the client to make sure it's not modified, I spoke with an admin that was doing something similar but wasn't interesting in making it public. That or have the server provide the starting files every time someone logs in.
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    Your worried of people using XRays, Flying, and just general cheats. There are plugins to stop all of those.

    Distributing the minecraft.jar file is illegal, and i'm positive it's also illegal to check a players minecraft.jar file.
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    You obviously have absolutely no understanding of how that plugin works. It uses a "backdoor" zombe added awhile ago. No other x-ray plugins have a backdoor like that.

    Here is the anti-xray set up of your dreams:

    Ore To Client Obfuscation -

    This is impossible to circumvent and will block every single X-Rayer out there without any client side mods. Here are some other plugins to help against other forms of cheating.

    mxAntiPVPCheat -

    ZombeBanner -

    NoCheat -

    @Mati3009 I believe your search is now over as I have found the perfect solution for you. As too minecraft.jar forcing, not possible without a custom launcher which I doubt anyone will make.
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    Ok, i have tested it. Thanks for the NoCheat, AntiPvP and ZombeBanner, but Ore To Client Obfuscation... don't prevent from Cave Finder(V) and Light Switch(C).. ;/ And i want to have permission, what makes that plugin turn the security off on players, who have that permission, becouse i need X_Ray on my server for checking out player's houses...

    So... maybe, somebody will have some ideas to make that plugin, what i want... I think that a lot of people will be happy if they will can prevent their server from mods, that they doesn't want to use on their servers.

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