Permanent Potion Effects

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cactuspy, Oct 26, 2021.

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    Ver: 1.16 java Paper
    Syntax/Name: /PermaEffects

    /PermaEffects enable [PlayerName] {Potion_Effect} [Potion_Amplifier_#]
    This will give a player an effect that will renew whenever they die
    if the player is not in the server when the command is set, then once they join it will automatically give them the effect

    /PermaEffects disable [PlayerName] {Potion_Effect}
    disables said renewable effect

    /PermaEffects list [PlayerName]
    will list all activated renewed effects on a player
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    Doable; 1.16 not 1.16.5 (not that it matters I don't believe)?

    Do you want players to get a message when a potion effect is activated on them (can be configurable)?

    Also should you be able to enable or disable potion effects for players who are offline?
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    it doesnt matter the version as long as its 1.16.#, as the server itself is 1.16.5 but it will be compatible with all of the above
    Configurable is a good choice, as i would never use the messages but i could imagine some people that would

    YES, kind of like how a whitelist works, it waits for the player with the correlating username trying to join, and once it sees it it allows them into the game, same system here when it detects the player isnt in the game
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    Okay, I'll get to it.
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  5. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any feature requests or issues feel free to DM me.

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    Got a question; what happens with instant effects like harming and healing?
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