Permanent/Floating Falling Sand

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    Hello, I've just watched TheDiamondMinecarts Christmas Chaos video and saw that the sleigh was made of falling sand entities. So i tried to recreate it in 14w11a by stacking the sand on four slimes and a minecart but found that the sand would soon despawn so i want a plugin made for it unless there is one already (P.S. I just want it to mess aroud with so no rush)

    Plugin Name: Sandify

    /sandify <x> <x> <x> <name>
    Desc: Turns All Of The Blocks Inside The Coords To Falling Sand Blocks Which Hover Over The Ground And Names It In Case You Want To Modify It Later
    /desandify <name>
    Desc: Lets The Falling Sand Entities Fall Onto The Ground
    /sand path <name> <file path>
    Desc: Makes The Falling Sand Structure Follow A Path From The Plugin Folder
    The Folder Will Be Formatted Like So
    Creative File Name.yml
    speed: 5s
    forward 10, rotate 90, forward 10, stop OR desand
    This Path Would Make It Glide Forward Ten Blocks, Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise And Move Forward Another 10 Blocks At A Speed Of 5 Blocks Per Second Or 5m Five Block Per Minute

    If You Want More Info Comment

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    Why you don't use a plugin that already does this?
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    I cant find one
    i searched for a few hours
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    Use world edit and select teh bottom of the sand then type //set 36 to make invisible blocks and nobody will notice
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    By Floating Sand I Mean The Entity Not The Block Because I Want ToBe Able To Move It Smoothly
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    ok, i got a solution, i've never worked with falling blocks before but mabe ill try, for the try ill have the falling block float in the air and ill have some tnt launch it. if that works from there ill go on

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