Per-World Money Seperation

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    I have done my research and i know this has been brought up many times before but i havent been able to find anything. I need a plugin that can allow a player to have a different balance(money) in each world.

    I use Essentials Eco so i would like an add-on to that. I do not know if essentials has already implemented this to their economy system.

    If essentials has already implemented this or if there is a plugin already out there, please let me know.
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    i wish there was a plugin for this :c
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    Seems legit.
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    I am in desperate need of a plugin that can do this. Is there anyone able to at least try to make a plugin able to do this?

    Each players balance for each world could be listed in a config file. For example the config could be setup like this:
    Worlds Money Disabled:
      - Main
    Money Symbol:
        - Main: $0
        - world1: $432
        - world2: $234
        - Main: $0
        - world1: $123
        - world2: $321
    'Worlds Money Disabled' would allow you to prevent players from even having money in those worlds.
    'Users' would list every person who has been on the server and the amount of money that have in each world.

    An alternative to this could be having a seperate file for each world and just list the players and there balance in that world.
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    I like the idea. I will be making a similar plugin for my server in the near future.
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    I like this idea too and i might make it for myself (and share it of course)
    My version would use Variable Triggers to just Count your money when you leave a world and store it as a variable and then Manually change your current balance to the one on the world you're joining

    TL : DR
    I will use Variable Triggers to make a single economy seem to function as a double or multi world seperated eco and share it when its done.
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    Hello, there is a feature in Multiverse Inventories for this. I use it on my server for a separate economy in each world. Works amazing. Let me know if you have any issues.
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    I havent been able to find anything about Multiverse-Inv seperating economy. Is it a share option or something completely different?

    Well that seems like a lot better of an idea than mine. Would this be an add-on to Essentials Eco or a completely different Eco plugin?
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    Yep. Type /mvinv toggle economy
    I believe that is the correct command. And it will turn off multiworld economy toggling in the shares. :)
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    Is this essentials eco?

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