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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by neoneosa, Aug 2, 2015.

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    Hello,i need some help with Inventories:
    Each world has his own Inventory+2 major Items which are always in the Inventory(the server selector and player visibility toggler)So Plotme worlds have same Inventory+the 2 major Items,Overworld,nether and end have the same inventory+the 2 major items,factions1 + factions2 have the same inventory+the 2 major items...
    I cannot explain more,i dont know how.
    Thx in Future.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Larry Newman

    @neoneosa So bascially you're saying, every world should have the server selector and the player visibility toggle; Plotme worlds have the same inventory; The overworld, nether and end have the same inventory; and factions1 and factions2 have the same inventory?

    If you're trying to put this into effect, use Multiverse-Inventories. It has an in-game editor, so there's no need to mess with any config files :p
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    Yes,but there are world groups,Like this:Group 1=Overworld,Nether,End.Group 2=Plotme.Group 3=Factions1,Factions2.
    So each group has a Own inventory + The Hub items.
    So that the player has always the Hub items in the inventory,but the other items are only the same if they are in a world witch is in the same Group.
    Is there any way?I also have Skript if this helps.
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    Larry Newman

    @neoneosa I am now 100% certain that you need Multiverse Inventories.

    You can download it here

    Make sure you have Multiverse-Core first, then add it to your plugins folder and boot up your server. In-game, you can do /mvinv group and create worlds that share everything (inventories, xp, etc.), as well as create world-groups where inventories are shared. So if you had the group of Group1 and it shared Overworld, Nether, End then Group2 which shares Plotme worlds then Group3 which shares factions1 and factions2. And of course you can always change the group names and worlds involved.
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    But the Player Should have in ALL Groups a diffrent Inventory,but also the 2 Hub items.I already have Multiverse-Inventories,but it changes the whole inventory,i want it to change all items EXCEPT the Hub items.
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