Per-World-Chat Plugin (Need new plugin)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by UnseenMC, Oct 16, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Chat

    Suggested name: FullPerWorldChat

    What I want: I'd like a better per world chat plugin! Currently I use PerWorldChat and it does a good job but when I toggle it off it changes the chat format to something I don't desire. Another problem with it is, it doesn't hide the /me or /say. I would like a plugin that is truly PerWorld.

    Ideas for commands: chat toggle

    Ideas for permissions: chat.toggle

    When I'd like it by: Any Time :)
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    Thank You! :D
    If you need any details msg me in a conversation. Thanks :)
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    Sorry, would have been finished earlier but I kept forgetting things

    Built to Minecraft 1.8.8 -- Java 1.8

        description: Toggle talking to the world
        permission: tttw.command
        description: Allows usage of the tttw command
        default: op

    Don't forget to mark this thread as filled if this satisfies you, and liking my post would be nice too ;)

    Oh... oops
    I forgot to tell you, but you can use /tttw check to see if you're talking per-world, or globally

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    Thank You! But when I install the plugin it doesn't seem to generate anything? Help? It shows up double text! :(
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    Double text? In that chat?

    What do you mean generate anything?

    Worked completely fine for me
  7. The chat is popping up like this:

    [Owner] Brett: Hello!
    Brett: Hello!
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    Sounds like another plugin handling the chat events itself, not sure there's anything I can do
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    It's probably happening because you have another chat plugin.

    If you're using another chat plugin, Such as EssentialsChat/ChatEx/HeroChat or any other chat manager, Remove it. It's probably the cause :)
  10. EssentialsChat is what I have. I am about to try it again.
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    Well in your plugin, I assume you're using Player#sendMessage() with the formatted message? Instead, you should use AsyncPlayerChatEvent#setFormat(). This would help to remove any collisions with other plugins.
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    When you do it like this, you would put two variables into the format (%s), which will be replaced with the player name and the message. Other plugins get the same AsyncPlayerChatEvent, so if they change it as well still only one message will be sent.

    For example, in your event method:
    event.setFormat("<{(%s)}>: %s");
    This would become, say, '<{(mrsbwfctower)}>: Hello!'.

    And if many plugins are changing the format, it would simply use the last one, which would generally be EventPriority.HIGHEST.
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  14. omg, it works when I do /tttw but I have 3 requests? :)
    1. Have it automatically enabled when a person joins the server.
    2. Have a config file with the chat format in there
    3. Permissions!
    Amazing otherwise!
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    @Mrs. bwfctower
    My plugin is already highest priority
    And if another plugin is interfering with the chat, its going to negate this plugin anyway, and so one of them shouldn't be used

    @UnseenMC Network
    I'll add two of those when i can
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    Yes but regardless of the priority it will do send two messages, and is better to set the format instead.
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    Sending two messages allows the user to clearly see there's an issue, rather than it looking like it's working fine, but they're really talking in public.

    If another plugin is handling the chat, then either that plugin should be disabling that functionality, or mine should be removed.

    No need to have both
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    I use AsyncPlayerChat event as well, and what I use to not get double messages in chat with essentials chat install is
    This cancels the event and allows you to set the format. Then you can use any checks for the world and send the message.

    I hope this helped!
    If you need any help just ask!
    I know I don't have many public plugins, but I have a custom one that I will be splitting soon!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Jayfeather311 You don't need to cancel it in order to set the format...
    There even is a setFormat method
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    I know that, however, it prevents anything else from formatting the chat, therefore no dual messages. It is what I use, again every programmer has their own way.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Jayfeather311 And nobody is able to modify anything else about the message, spam filters: won't work, formatters: won't work, custom display name: won't always work.
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    Then again, I use my own spam/word filters and display names, I can use from group manager, those still work if I use the player.getDisplayName() method...

    We should probably stick to the topic at hand, and move this to a private conversation
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Keep in mind that you are throwing code into the unknown which could be used to make plugins that aren't that aware of the stuff discussed.
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    As I suggested, we should take this to a private conversation, As this is not part of this Per world chat plugin...

    People coding plugins should be aware of what methods do before using them. And what they are aware of.
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    I'm aware of what the methods do, and I am not going to use them.
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    @Scimiguy That is your choice, and as I said above, every programmer has their own way of doing things. I too am aware of what the methods do, but with the ones stated above, I find nothing wrong with them, from the posts of you and @timtower it seems that you think they are wrong.
    Correct me if I am wrong on that observation
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    Im not claiming theyre wrong, im saying that its not an approach i agree with for this instance, and not something i am going to do

    Can we agree todisagree and drop this here?
    Im very much aware of how bukkit works (coincidentally, thats why im helping out here on these forums), and i have no intention of using those particular options for thos case
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    Mrs. bwfctower

    Sure. But some programmers have the wrong way of doing things. It's a fine line, and I believe it's crossed if you block out other plugins from doing something when you could use a method that's meant for what you're doing.
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    This thread has gone far from its purpose. If you want to discuss this further, start a new thread in the appropriate section. This thread is now locked.
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