People can't connect to servers running on new Windows 8

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by aNeonGamer, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I just bought a new Windows 8, and I'd like to run my Minecraft Servers off it. Here's what problems I've encountered in the past month:

    I portforward my Mac server and I turn on the server. When done loading, the server appears online to the public as it should be.

    I portforward my Windows 8 server and I turn on the the server. When done loading, the server does not appear online. 30-40 minutes later (or never), the server randomly appears online. I've tried to port other servers on the windows 8 (exactly as I do with the Mac) with a different port number, and I still get the same result.

    So, since the Mac server works and the Windows 8 server does not work, this is not a router problem. It has to be something with the Windows 8. Here is what I've done to try to terminate this problem:

    - Take down all Anti-Virus Firewalls
    - Take down all Windows Firewalls in General
    - Tripled Checked all Windows 8 port forwards to see if they are correct.

    Anyone, please, please help me with this problem. It has been driving me insane. I've been trying to fix this problem everyday for 5 hours, and no progress.

    Any help is appreciated. (PS) Even though I've been running servers for over a year now with hundreds of players, I'm not so sharp with all of the language of IP and Java. Please try to make a simple explanation for me, for I have a bad headache from all the work.
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    You've been running servers for over a year now with hundreds of players and yet you're still hosting at home? What?
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    Yes, I've been hosting a small economy server off my macbook for over a year. Sounds pathetic, but it is how it is. Have any suggestions to fix this problem?
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    Can you connect to your server from another computer on your LAN using your internal IP address (likely 192.168.x.x) and the Win8 port? i.e., can you run the Minecraft client on your Mac and connect to the server that's running on Win8?
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    Yes, I can connect with other computers via LAN Network.
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    That indicates it's likely a problem with your router configuration (not a Win8 problem). Suggest you post the following info:

    1. The IP address the other players are trying to connect to. (Did you check that it's correct? How?)
    2. The IP address of your Win8 system. (Are you sure that's correct, too? How?)
    3. A screenshot of your router port forwarding config.
  7. In case you have Hamachi installed, disable it's network adapter. (I haven't ever used a Mac, if that option doesn't exist then uninstall it)
    Edit: Try connection to the internet without a router to sort that out.
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    you should really check that with a static IP setup on win8 that the DNS entry points to the router and not to a DNS server to the outside world, reason being the static IP is being assigned by your router and not another DNS, might be worth double checking just incase.
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    Moved to the correct forum.

    There are no differences in the Minecraft server software that would affect Windows 8 differently than Windows 7.

    This is always either an issue with a) Your router, b) Your Windows 8 Firewall (or other firewall existing on your Windows 8 machine), or c) Setting an IP incorrectly in your server-ip= line in your
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