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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by hsndmrts98, Jan 23, 2016.

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    my code this:
    float speed;
        Location targetLocation;
        EntityCreature entitycreature;
        private PathEntity path;
        public LOH_PF(EntityCreature entitycreature, float speed, Location target){
            this.speed = speed;
            this.entitycreature = entitycreature;
            this.targetLocation = target;
        public boolean a() {
            return false;
        public void c() {
            this.entitycreature.getNavigation().a(this.path, (double) this.speed);
    i want make like this:

    pls help me
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    Can you explain what you want? What is currently happening? What have you tried to fix your problem?
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    @hsndmrts98 If your question is why are they not moving. c() only fires after a() returns true.
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    i coding a lol plugin like that video, but i stuck in custom mobs, i want attack to enemy tower minion champion but not attack to ally tower minion champion and jungle monster, how i make this i stuck in this, i have custom mobs, entity types but i cant moving and attacking not attacking spesific location and target, i need this.

    look to video in 3.35+
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