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    I have thought of this great idea while making a road on my server. it consists of many roads. which takes a while to make. so I was wondering if someone could make a plugin that allows road making. similar to what happens when snow golems walk. they leave snow behind them. I would like it if I could do a command such as /r create and it would leave a 3 block wide path beneath where I walk. and when I'm done do /r finish I hope this is doable. if not please tell me
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    use WorldEdit, and just click the corners of where you want the path then //set (name of block you want path to be.
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    That is currently what i do... the thing is, my destinations points are so far away, and the elevation changes so much that its hard to even use world edit because i constantly have to change elevation... and since worldedit uses squares, i cant use dynamic shapes.
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    thank you for these. i tried looking previously, but had no idea what to search. looks like number two will be my choice
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    All these are outdated, or don't support radius. I have no clue how to code. but im so impatient. months waiting. Im now installing all the needed crap to learn java and making a plugin. probably take me a year to learn. im very slow.

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