Passenger Velocity in Minecarts

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Joeywp, Jul 11, 2013.

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    For a plugin I am developing I used to count on the passenger velocity from Minecarts to create cars of them. However, since Bukkit 1.6.1, this feature seems to be removed and players don't have their own velocity within Minecarts anymore, which kinda broke the plugin.
    I was now wondering, is this a Bukkit bug that's going to be fixed? Or is it changed behavior of entities and passenger velocities in Minecraft 1.6? I guess it's the second one, but if so, does anyone know another way of controlling Minecarts with the control keys (WASD)?
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    That doesn't seem to be working for me on the latest Bukkit, but as the velocity actually moves the Minecart, if what you said was true my plugin wouldn't even be needed for doing that :p Still thanks for your answer!
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    I'm facing the same problem as Joeywp, any solutions?
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    Same problem for me, I made a plugin to ride minecarts like cars using the passenger's velocity inside the cart, but there is still no correction since 1.6.1....
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    Woo! Old thread bumped!
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