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    Possible Names: Partners, Bestfriends, Ally, Open to other thoughts!

    What I'm Looking For: Hey guys, I am wondering if it is possible for someone to create a plugin or tell me about a plugin that allows people to send an invite to 1 other person into a partnership, which just allows them to not injure eachother when in combat. I would need 2 simple commands. /p, (p for partnership)

    Possible Commands: /p inv <player name you would like to invite>, /p leave ( so they can leave the partnership if they wanted ).

    Possible Perms: bestfriends.invite

    Info: I have searched everywhere for a plugin like this. I believe that it will be one of a kind even though I thought it would have been thought of by now. Thanks !
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    DailyPvP Don't bump within 24 hours
  3. timtower I love how they delete the post.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Wasn't an admin right DailyPvP ?
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    I can Make this for you! I will also add TagAPI support incase the server admins feel like Having Friends, Green, or enemies dark red or something like that :D
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    Okay great ! Thanks so much ! If you could make it for Java 1.6 that would be sicck ! Also, i took down the post cause I didnt mean for it to be a bump, and i didnt want to be THAT guy, who bumps him topic like 5000 times.
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    Sorry, Bro. I might be able to code this later, but I have a test to study for now, and I forgot about this plugin :D Sorry :(
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    I made a plugin called RPGfriends, the only problem is that it doesnt allow you to add or remove players that are offline.
    I can give you the downloadlink if you'd like.
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    i just finished a plugin called Ally does exactly that. pm me, if you want. i need help making a description page, then i will make it public.
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    foggy34 I can help you make a desc page pm me exactly what your plugin does then il put it in copy and paste from for you
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