Particle packet library

Discussion in 'Resources' started by microgeek, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Shaded? That's a fancy word. PacketPlayOutWorldParticles doesn't have a number?
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    Most IDs have been removed or deprecated. Get read for a world of sending strings in packets and tripling the bandwidth.
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    Mojang makes me cry.
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    I'm a little bit late, but could someone explain how this is used? Like some example code. I used some of darkblade's code from the first page but it spit out tons of errors into the console.

    Edit: DSH105 I noticed you have an api for this sort of thing (SparkTrail), would you be able to produce similar effects with it?
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  7. Very useful! Thank you.
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    DarkBladee12 Where is the GeneralUtil() used? It gives me an error that says: GeneralUtil cannot be resolved to a type

    - Redraskal
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    Hark Collins

    Actually, What's the code for a floating cloud above your head that is raining water?​
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