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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by narwhaale, May 5, 2024.

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    Can anyone make a plugin for Pacific SMP where everyone gets 1-5 different "Dolphins" upon joining the game. These dolphins do things from giving permanent potion effects, to giving extra hearts. The crafting recipes and info about the different Dolphins are on this document:

    The cap for the amount of dolphins a player can have should be changeable with a command mentioned below. The default should be 2.

    After you craft these dolphins (which will use the item: blue_dye) you will right click the items in your inventory to use them. Once a dophin is consumed, you will see an icon above your hotbar that shows what type of dolphin you have.

    ALSO... make it so that you drop 1 of your dolphins when you die but only when you die to another player

    I want to be able to change all of these dolphin items so please make commands for operators to use:
    /givedolphin [dolphin type] [player]: gives the selected player the selected dolphin
    /cleardolphin [player]: clears all dolphins for the selected player
    /resetplugin: resets the plugin config
    /dolphincap [value 1-5]: changes the maximum amount of dolphins a player can have active.

    Extra info:
    Minecraft version : 1.20.1
    Plugin name : PacificSMP
    Again, look at the document for more info

    I know this is a TON to ask for but i would really appreciate if someone would help me with this.

  2. Hey, this seems like a pretty easy plugin to make. You'd have to have a few event registers for the different crafting recipes, a command, and a config. You should start with some of the resources on this forum, as well as tutorials on how to program in Java.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    It is a plugin request, not a "how to make this myself"
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    Hello - Saw that this was still open so I decided to sit down for a few hours today and quickly throw something together for you.
    I altered 2 things very slightly:
    1. Not sure what you ment with "reset plugin configuration" - I included the command "/pacificsmp reload" which will reload the configuration from the file to apply changes; maybe you ment that. If you really want to reset it to default then simply deleting the file and then restarting the server or using said reload command will generate a new default configuration
    2. I turned the option to change the "dolphin cap" into a configuration option in config.yml instead of a command.

    You can use /pacificsmp help to list all commands. I included the other two commands the way you requested them.
    All commands have the permission pacificsmp.(command-name) and you can enable all commands with pacificsmp.*. Vanilla operators also have all permissions by default.
    I included a few things in the config.yml, namely the option to change the item-name and lore of all the custom items, because you didn't specify any of those and in case you want to change them from what I put there by default. You can also change the indicator that will display in the actionbar (the textbar above the inventory hotbar) when a dolphin is active. You called them "icons", but I figured you simply ment an indicator that they are active.
    I believe the way to get real custom icons is by using a resource pack to change font characters, if you really want that.

    If you find any bugs, have a question or want to request a change, please reply to this post.

    Plugin jar file and source code attached to this message

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    THANKS SO MUCH, there is something i would like you to add though. can you make a command to give the player the dolphin items(like the blue dye). thanks again!

    also is there something you could possibly direct me to so that i can have a custom texture pack for the dolphins, but not the blue dye.

    it says that i need 3 dependencies but i cant seem to find them: PulseConfig, PulseCommands, PulseCore

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    If you go to the github repo, ive added links to all the depends from my plugin cores and placeholder.
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    I attached an updated version with the command you requested (I named it "/giveDolphinItem"), as well as a few small bugfixes that I noticed myself in the item right-click detection

    Please let me know if you want to request any other changes, have a question or find a bug.

    And while I know how to make resource packs I have absolutely zero experience with making any form of art or icons for such a resource pack, so you would have to find someone else to do that, sorry

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    Updated with new command to give a player the dolphin item stack

    Github Link -
    Latest 1.20.1:
    Depends: Still the same
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    Thanks for helping!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    As there are 2 versions of this plugin now: please let the developers know which one you are using, so then the other developer can focus on other things again.
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    I am using the one made by raffel080108 simply because it doesnt use extra plugins. sorry closeplanet_2 it is still a really good plugin and maybe you can turn it into something else

    Hi, so I made these 5 dolphin types as 16x16 PNG's that work in Minecraft. (attached below)
    dark dolphin View attachment 34955
    speed dolphin upload_2024-5-13_17-10-8.png
    power dolphin upload_2024-5-13_17-10-8.png
    health dolphin upload_2024-5-13_17-10-8.png
    flame dolphin upload_2024-5-13_17-10-8.png

    I also attached a blank texture pack other than adding the dolphin blue dye texture for an example.

    - do you know if you could try to add these dolphins to the game so that they can replace the blue dye items.
    If you can, also replace the icons above the hotbar with these items(its ok if not). but mostly i would like to have the actual blue dyes become the art that i made.I will make


    can you add a withdraw feature that all players can use that lets them withdraw 1 of their dolphins here are the uses:
    /dolphinwithdraw [dolphin type] [amount]: withdraws 1 of your dolphins and gives you the item of that dolphin.

    1 last thing - can you make the dark dolphin give resistance 1 instead of 2.

    thank you so much -narwhaale

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    I should be able to compile a resource pack for you and assign custom model ids to the items that are used. I am not 100% sure about changing the font characters, but I will also look into that. Implementing that command should be no issue. I will work on that later today and send the results.

    EDIT: Everything has been implemented as requested. The font characters actually ended up being easier than the custom model data replacements, lol.
    There is a new config parameter for each dolphin-type and I also changed the action bar indicators to use the custom characters provided by the resource pack by default, so I recommend you delete the current config.yml from the plugin folder to generate a new default one. If you had changed the other parameters you can copy them over first and then replace them again afterwards.

    Note: I made the font characters display as 16x16 (so the full texture size) by default. I believe it looks quite nice in the actionbar, but if you try to use the font characters elsewhere such as in chat they will likely be oversized and look weird. If you want to change the size of the font characters you can do that in the file assets\minecraft\font\default.json in the resourcepack, by changing the parameters "ascent" and "height" for the characters respectively. The used texture-file references should make it obvious which character is which.

    Also the change in the resistance effect strength won't apply unless the dark dolphin is deactived and then re-activated on a player.

    If you have any further additions or changes you want to request, find a bug or have a question, just reply to this message as said before

    Plugin jar, source code and resource pack (I kept the same filename and description, I just updated the pack_format) are attached

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    This all works exactly how i imagined it so thank you.
    I did find an error with the withdraw feature---
    When you withdraw a dolphin, its perks are still active. I tested this with all of them and it is the same problem.

    Also - can you add an item called a Slot Reroll that changes how many dolphins a player can have active. this will broadcast a number 1-5 on your screen that says how many dolphins you can have active(like the dolphin cap but exclusive to you).
    also ... a command that lets me change an individuals slots for dolphins.
    this command should be for only operators on the server
    /setdolphinslots [player] [amount of slots]: sets the amount of dolphins a player can have active

    The crafting recipe is on the document that i shared at the start of the thread as well as here:
    The item texture for the slot-reroll is attached below and will be represented by a echo_shard.

    Thank you so much for making this idea of mine come to life.

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    I just completely forgot to trigger the disabling logic when withdrawing, no idea how I didn't notice that when testing the command, lol. I added the logic to disable the effects when using the withdraw command.
    The individual override for the default dolphin cap has been implemented. The config option represents the default cap and the command or a re-roll item will override it for that player, as requested.
    I have also added a simple config-version system which will add any new config keys to the configuration, so you won't have to delete the config to generate the new entries anymore.
    Note that due to the this implementation the font characters in the config will be replaced with actual unicode instead of string literals - this is an unavoidable effect. The font characters will still work just fine, they just wont show up properly in the text file itself, so just don't worry about that.

    If you find any other bugs, have a question or want to request additional features or changes, just let me know

    And no problem by the way, I have lots of fun coding and it's always nice to help people, so I love doing stuff like this :)

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    I like it a lot- i noticed that when you use the dolphin reroll item, it has the chance of changing the amount of slots you have, to be the same amount you already have. (so it basically does nothing in that case) and also i would like if you could make it to be like a big number in the middle of the screen when you change your amount of slots.
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    The random number call has been restricted to not allow giving the same number of slots the player currently already has. It will now always change the number to be a different one.
    I am not completely sure what you wanted with the other thing, so I simply made config options for setting text to be displayed as title and subtitle when a re-roll item is used. They should automatically appear if you reload the plugin or when starting the server.

    Please let me know if there is anything else

    Note: I have uploaded the Project's source code to github and will not be attaching it seperately anymore, because I still want to provide the source for anyone that are interested in it but this makes it easier for me. Anyone that is not the OP (narwhaale) should submit any feature requests, questions or bugs on the issues tab on the github. The OP himself can still post these as thread replies for the time being
    I may push updates without changing the attachment files in this thread, refer to the releases tab for the latest version

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