Outdated Server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pepper23, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Uhm Yes I Was Wondering Why It Says its Outdated When i Try To Log In And If I Stop My Server it wont let me turn it back on it just like gives me a huge paragraph when i try to start it back up do any of you guys know any of these 2?
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    Whatever happened to just plain 'ol 'um'? Such a shame.
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    your minecraft is updated to 1.0.0 while your server is made for 1.8.1

    gotta wait for bukkit to get a recommended build or downgrade your minecraft
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    Mhm So Bukkit Is Gonh Get a Update?
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    I have another final question do you guys know when you are gonh come out with another update with like it just auto does it for you like the files and everything plus software Like whens the next update if you can tell me be very apperciated
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    They will promote the next RB (Recommended build) when they feel that it is suitable. Until then, you can either wait like everyone else, or try using the newest development build. I'd recommend waiting though, from what I've read and been told on another forum, the dev builds are still fairly buggy
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    Bukkit is Outdated Server
    Please Update To 1.0.0
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    The only update he could do is to a dev-build, which isn't recommended.
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    Alright Thanks Perdog lets hope it isent to long :O
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