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    Ore Processing

    What I want:

    I want a plugin that allows a player to walk up to a sign that says:
    1. [Mine]
    2. Coal

    After clicking that sign (Have to have a shovel in their inventory for it to work), coal blocks will pop up around the player in a 5 block radius (Check Below this column for Minimums and Maximums of Ores can be spawned for each Material Type). They cannot generate on top of one another. Once these blocks pop up, only the player who clicked the sign and began the process can mine those ores for the first 10 seconds of them being spawned in. Also, if the player walks out of the radius of 5 blocks, anyone can mine them. After the 10 seconds, anyone can mine them even if the beginning player is still in radius. The sign will not work again till all blocks have been mined out of the 5 block radius.

    Coal Ore: 5 Min - 10 Max
    Iron Ore: 3 Min - 8 Max
    Gold Ore: 3 Min - 5 Max
    Diamond Ore: 2 Min - 3 Max
    Emerald Ore: 1 Min - 2 Max

    Action Bar Loading Screen; After clicking the Mine Sign, it will take about 3 seconds to load in all the ores. Read Below for second by second words.

    1st. Second: Loading Ores.
    2nd Second: Loading Ores..
    3rd Second: Loading Ores...

    After mining the blocks, they will receive a "raw" form of whatever material you were mining (Materials include Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emeralds). This will just be inks renamed such as an Ink Sac will be renamed 'Raw Coal'. Anytime you mine a ore material, that will be the outcome. Except different materials for different ores (check bottom for all wanted materials).

    After receiving the Raw Material, the player will need to take the ore to be processed. To process it, you will need to take it to a sign that states:
    1. [Process]
    2. Coal

    Each item will take a selected amount of time to process (check bottom for generated times). When processing, you will not be able to leave a radius of 3 blocks. If you leave that radius, it will stop processing the items in your inventory. After processing, it will give you the Ingot version of whatever Raw Material you processed. Only one person can use a process sign at one time. It will process them one by one in your inventory.

    Action Bar Loading Screen; After clicking the Processing Sign, it will take a couple seconds per Raw Material depending on the type of Material. Read Below for second by second words (Read the bottom for second per process for different materials).

    1st. Second: Processing Material.
    2nd Second: Processing Material..
    3rd Second: Processing Material...


    Coal Ore -> Raw Coal (Ink Sac/351) -> Processing Time (2 Seconds) -> Coal
    Iron Ore -> Raw Iron (Gray Dye/351:8) -> Processing Time (4 Seconds) - > Iron Ingot
    Gold Ore -> Raw Gold (Dandelion Yellow/351:11) -> Processing Time (6 Seconds) -> Gold Ingot
    Diamond Ore -> Raw Diamond (Light Blue Dye/351:12) -> Processing Time (8 Seconds) -> Diamond
    Emerald Ore -> Raw Emerald (Lime Dye/351:10) -> Processing Time (12 Seconds) -> Emerald
    No Base Block -> Raw Oil (Milk Bucket/335) -> Processing time (5 Seconds) -> Milk Bucket (Oil)

    Lastly. oil. Oil will be acquired by right clicking a sign with the contents of below:
    1. [Pump]
    2. Oil

    With oil, you will need to hit the sign with buckets in your inventory. Over time, each bucket will fill up in your inventory one by one. They are not stack-able. Once you have run out of space it will stop pumping. The item you will have received is a milk bucket renamed as Raw Oil. To process it, you would follow the same as the above items by going to a designated processing sign that says oil on it. (Check above for times and items). After processing you still have a milk bucket, but it says 'Oil' (Check Below for action bar phrases).

    Action Bar Loading Screen; After clicking the Pumping Sign for Oil, it will take 4 seconds per empty bucket. Read Below for second by second words

    1st. Second: Pumping Oil.
    2nd Second: Pumping Oil..
    3rd Second: Pumping Oil...
    4th Second: Pumping Oil....

    You will need permissions to use each ore sign, you will also need permissions to use each processing sign.

    Ideas for commands:

    No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:

    - mine.coal
    - mine.iron
    - mine.diamond
    - mine.emerald
    - pump.oil
    - process.coal
    - process.iron
    - process.diamond
    - process.emerald
    - process.oil

    When I'd like it by:

    Within a year
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