Option to submit for approval after creating a project.

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by BleedObsidian, Jul 18, 2013.

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  1. I think it would be much better if you could choose when to submit your project for approval not automatically when you create the project. This would also stop you wasting time and checking projects that aren't finished yet.

    I like to make my plugin pages look nice, and 5 mins before you come and check it isn't really enough.
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    How is this stopping you from making your project page look nice?
  3. You can't do everything on the project creation page:
    You can't create other pages, you also can't preview the main page,
    You can't set ticket templates (Even though this doesn't effect the approval, still matters to the overall project)

    (If you look at some of my plugin pages you see the main page links to other pages.)
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    Prepare all of your pages before hand. I have my pages done before I click create project. That way I just spend 1 minute to copy-paste everything over.
  5. Good idea, but i think it would be much easier if it was like this.
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    If that is true, then I guess it would be a good idea to allow people to manually submit their projects for approval. There don't seem to be any downsides as long as the project is not publicly visible until approved by a BukkitDev staff member.

    However, my honest opinion is that I don't see this as being that big of a problem.
  7. It's not a big problem, i just think its a good way to help stop moderators wasting time and make me happy.
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    Plus in the time it takes them to get to your project you should be able to copy-paste all your pages if you have them ready when you create the project.
  9. I know, you could do it this way but it makes more sense for it to be this way around so there is no rush.
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    You could always just put a note on your project page asking us to wait :)
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  11. Meh, I guess so.
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