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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MagmaticBacca, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Im making a plugin where when spawned if you havent played before you are given 3 dyes. A blue die: Elemental Techniques, Red Dye: Specialty Technniques and a purple dye Divine techniques. each of these have more than one ability when clicked on.

    Similarly to MagicSpells but its source code isnt helping much so i wanted to go a different direction. I already have the effects of the tecniques but i want to know an easy way to be able to click on a dye and have it scroll theough options. For example i scroll through Elemental Techniques until i find uh... Water shot or whatever.

    Thx :D
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    Maybe when they click it, it sends them messages of their options, and they then type in chat the number of the option they want?
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    You mean you want to create a custom inventory to display the different things to the player?
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    Umm, there's a cool feature that I know of (it requires 1.8 spigot). When it's clicked it sends the player different messages (options), the player will then be able to physically click on that word in the chat then you do what you want.
  5. This doesn't require 1.8 spigot. You just need to send a PacketPlayOutChat to the player containing a json text with a clickEvent tag in it
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    Oh, really? I thought this was a new feature that was added recently.
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    @DoggyCode™ Nope. It's JSON text and I like it a lot. You can do the same with the /tellraw command.
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    Well what im thinking is that they will be in battle and what i want is that when they click on it it automatically goes to the next option. So they have no time to really click on a certain option
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    ? Anyone?
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    @teej107 neither let me clarify...

    MagmaticBcca clicks on Glass. Watershot Set. Magmatic Bacca Clicks again. Water Canon set.

    get it? i click on something and it sets an attack different from the last one
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    @MagmaticBacca Store the player and their current attack (or something to identify one) in a Map. When a player clicks to change attack, cycle through the attacks and set the value in the Map to the one selected.
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